Try some new strategies for dealing with disruption in the classroom

With our handy guide you’ll be able to explore how neuroscience-aligned activities and strategies could help to prevent disruptive behavior in your classroom, and understand the science behind it!

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Positive Reinforcement System with Visuals

Positive Reinforcement System: Token Board "I am working for..." are a critical component to a well run classroom (especially special education classrooms).

Students choose what they want to work for from a choice board- teachers are able to "pay" students for good behavior or correct responses.

Includes: (each in color and blackline master)

5 slot token board- exchange pennies into a nickel

10 slop token board- exchange pennies into a dime

Things I can for:

Blank Storage Page

3 pages (36 common reinforcers)

If a reinforcer you want/need is not already in the set, feel free to email me and I will do my best to add it in within 24 hours.

The Picture Communication Symbolsare used with Permission
SymbolStix LLC
PO Box 550
Huron, OH

By AdaptEd4SpecialEd

Classroom Chalkboard Headers

Cut and laminate these awesome headers and place on your chalkboard. Fill in the new information each day to save you a ton of time and keep you organized!
By katembee

Editing Marks for Primary

Simple, easy-to-use editing marks for K-6 classrooms. Full page poster AND quarter page mini's.

Hang the full page as a poster and laminate the mini's to use as desktop helpers ... or have students paste the mini's into their writing notebooks. Your students will find editing is a breeze with this simple, effective system!
By zingbadabling96

Behavior T-Charts

This packet will help you directly teach students how to behave in every area of the school building. You will review with them what every area should "Look Like" and "Sound Like" and create posters that you will keep up in your classroom year round for reinforcement and review. This packet also includes my One Page Voice Level Clip Chart in English and Spanish. Sample and Blank T-Charts included.

Areas Include:

By Karen Morris

Discipline/Behavior Plan for Upper Elementary Grades - Editable Pages

This product now has editable pages. This allows you to personalize the plan to better meet the needs of your classroom. I have used this behavior plan in my 5th grade classroom for over 9 years. I have found it to be very successful!

This packet includes a parent/student note, expectation handout/poster, class rules handout/poster, detention sign in sheet, discipline slip, teacher recording sheet, reward tickets and a explanation of the plan. Plus, just added, editable pages that include a parent/student note, expectation handout/poster, class rules handout/poster.
By Jen Best

Teacher Excel Markbook

This excel spreadsheet can be used to record student's grades. Using a 1-10 system you can record their marks and it will automatically average the grade. If you enter J, K or L in capitals (which is converted into a smiley face) in the effort column it will also average their effort grade. This provides formative feedback and allows progress to be monitored. This is a concept and could easily be adapted for specific use, i.e. Assessment without levels, BTEC etc.
By InformingEducation

Goal Setting and Tracking Pack for Accelerated Reader

Note: This product is designed to be used in a classroom in which the school year is divided into quarters (1st quarter - 4th quarter).

This product is a companion to Accelerated Reader program which is used in many classrooms.

This product contains:

4 Goal Setting Sheets (one for each quarter).
Goal Setting Parent Signature Sheet.
Weekly Goal Tracking Sheet.

To use this product, students set their goals for the appropriate quarter. I recommend they use their previous grade’s information to aid their decision for the first quarter. Once they’ve chosen their goals, they record them by both writing the number and coloring the graphs on the goal setting sheet.

Students also record their goals on the goal setting half sheet and take home for a parent signature.

Throughout the quarter, students check and record their progress on a weekly basis. At the end of the quarter, I distribute their original goal sheet and they 'star' those goals they met.
By Jen Best

Meet Todd

Todd Finley, PhD, is a tenured professor of English Education at East Carolina University. He is an assistant editor and blogger for Edutopia: George Lucas Education Foundation, the founder of Todd’s Brain, and the author of Rethinking Classroom Design (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016) and Dinkytown Braves (Amazon, 2015). He has taught elementary school and 7-12th grade English and co-developed the Tar River Writing Project. In 2014 and again in 2015, he was selected as one of the Top 12 Global Teacher Bloggers by Cathy Rubin for the Huffington Post. He kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to write this guide exclusively for Tes teachers. Thanks Todd!

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