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TES Teacher panel

We're here to uncover hidden gems, to save teachers time!

The TES teacher panel is made up of groups of teachers who work together to review and recommend teaching and learning materials shared by teachers on TES Resources.

Why have we introduced the Recommended function?

Teachers share thousands of outstanding resources with each other on TES Resources and we know that finding exactly what you're looking for can sometimes take time.

Rate and review

Everybody has access to rate and review resources and this helps make it easier to find valuable content that has been peer reviewed in this way - the most popular resources always appear first in search returns. Those teachers who have shared their teaching materials appreciate receiving this feedback and we thank everybody for taking the time to help make the ratings and reviews system a success.


The 'Recommended' button works in the same way as the rate and review function. Where teachers on the TES panel have dedicated a regular time each month to uncover hidden gems and highlight valuable resources, we have added the 'Recommended' button to their reviews.

Where you see this image appear  Recommended icon that's where a teacher in your school phase and subject has recommended the resource as a relevant, useful and valuable contribution to the website.

Links to teacher panels by subject


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