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TES 6 April 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.

The Titanic

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  • Key stage 1: Tragic Titanic - Follow the tale from ship of splendor to shipwreck in this visual display from seemavirdi
  • Key stage 2: Time travel back to Titanic - Sort the events in order and design the poster for the Titanic's maiden voyage in this lesson shared by leighbee23
  • Key stage 3: A gigantic obsession - Why are we so in awe of the Titanic today? Why does it fascinate us? And is this a bad thing? Discuss, argue and persuade in TESEnglish's scheme.
  • Key stage 4: Captain Smith: Guilty or not guilt? - Who is to blame? Evaluate the evidence with Kanet's thinking and reasoning skills task.

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  • In the TES forums teachers are sharing ideas on teaching the Titanic as a topic in primary.
  • More discussions about the Titanic

A resource a day

A resource a day helps you inspire and engage every day. Find a topical resource for every day of the week.


Pi another day

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In the Spotlight - Money Mum's financial five a day

In a continuing climate of economic uncertainty Gill Fielding, mother, entrepreneur and millionaire has launched a petition to convince David Cameron of the need to teach the 'Financial Five a Day' to every child in the UK.

Resource of the Week

Exciting exam questions?


A word workout

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  • Arms curls as work - students calculate the force required to lift a kilogram mass and measure the distance covered in each curl.
  • Under pressure! - getting students to role-play rescuing someone who has fallen through ice
  • Reflection - can be introduced by taking the class outside and getting them to play "Wall Ball"

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In the Spotlight - NIB – Brains at the Wellcome Collection

Brains: the mind as matter, (29 March to 17 June 2012), explores what humans have done to brains in the cause of medical intervention, scientific enquiry, cultural meaning and technological change.

Resource of the Week

Seeds of knowledge

With spring in the air there's no better time to get outside and grow your pupils' understanding of plants? TES science adviser Alessio Bernardelli has created a concise collection of the best resources for blossoming botanists.

  • Plants - each section starts with a BBC Class Clips video including a simple explanation of pollination and a time lapse sequence of a seed becoming a seedling. This allows pupils to see months of natural development in just a few seconds.


The home front

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In the Spotlight - Catch up and be confident

Low ability learners are often condemned to the 'junior readers' - childish stories which are of no interest and embarrassing to reveal. It's no wonder that these learners develop such a fear and hatred for reading.

Four books - short in length and clearly spaced with large illustrations covering teenage topics

Resource of the Week

Moon on the Tides

The collection allows students to hear each poem performed and offers a range of tasks including vehn diagrams, definition grids, language analysis, context and a stanza-by-stanza breakdown for close analysis.

  • Looking for interesting ways to revise the AQA GCSE poetry anthology? TES adviser Chantel Mathias has collated a range of resources focusing on Carol Ann Duffy's Medusa and other poems.
  • There are a range of revision resources for modern and classical drama, fiction and non-fiction GCSE, AS and A Level texts. English teaching resource collections



Parish paintings

Discover Wall Paintings

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  • GCSE History to get harder from 2013 - teachers are debating whether or not the current history curriculum is too limited and too easy. What's your take on the issue?

In the Spotlight: ClassDojo

An online programme where pupils are represented by a lively cartoon avatar.

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Slide rules

Dan Roberts is Deputy Headteacher at Community School you can follow him on twitter @chickensaltash or by reading his blog why did the chickenman cross the road?

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Resource of the Week - Controlling revision

In the Spotlight -Outdoor Snappers

  • Handy tutorial from NEN about using cameras will help you get your class active


Il était une fois...

What else?

  • Get active with storytelling with these lesson ideas from TeachersTV
  • Go through La Belle au Bois Dormant in a clear and colourful lesson from Bonnie Rafferty

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In the Spotlight - What Easter brings

Term is drawing to a close. When it starts again pupils will be buzzing to tell everyone what they did over their holidays and how they celebrated Easter. Help them discuss this in their target language and compare their celebrations to those in other countries with these Easter resources.

Revise past tense to help pupils develop accurate responses about what they did.

Resource of the week - Les technologies

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