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What's it like to teach in... ?

Career | Published 11 April, 2012

Our series of guides on working abroad. Find out the pros and cons of teaching in various parts of the world and what you need to do to make your overseas career move a success

What’s it like to teach in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a favourite destination for UK teachers lured by an attractive lifestyle and relatively easy cultural transition. However be prepared for an onerous application process.

What’s it like to teach in Africa?

There are various routes to teaching in Africa - you can find out more about them here.

What’s it like to teach in Australia?

Australia remains a favourite destination for UK teachers. The marketplace is competitive but persistence can pay dividends.

What’s it like to teach in North America?

Getting a teaching job in the USA has its complications, but is not impossible. Read our guide to help you stand the best chance of bagging a teaching job in North America.

What’s it like to teach in South America?

South America is a huge place and there are big differences between cities, regions and countries. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela all offer job opportunities for UK trained teachers.

What’s it like to teach in the Middle East?

Lured by the chance to build up a tax-free nest egg - and enjoy a reliably sunny climate - it’s no wonder many teachers have made the move to the Middle East.

What’s it like to teach in Japan?

Japan can be an amazing experience if you do your research and can adapt to a very different culture. But pinching pennies in Japan is no fun and it can be hard to get a job back in the UK if you stay too long.

What’s it like to teach in China?

Get the low down on teacher pay and conditions and how to get a visa. Plus, find out what it’s like to work in China from teachers reflecting on their time there


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