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TES 29 June 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.

Stay the Same

Ours is not always to reason why

Sam Firth's blog about Stay the Same

Her last film project with children Mallaig in It's Own Way was made with a group of P4-7's at Mallaig Primary School through the First Light Movies pilot award scheme.


  • Key stage 1: Film of your life - Help pupils to tell their story on screen in a mini project from MichaelCornwell
  • Key stage 2: Animated self - Get students developing creative ideas in a cut out animation project shared by keithalex
  • Key stage 3: Film away from film - Take film out of the media classroom and use it to inspire science students with Films for Learning's guide
  • Key stage 4: Melodrama and silent film - Help students appreciate the cinema of the past in he4therlouise's practical activity about melodrama and silent film
  • Key stage 5: How to make a film - BBC Class Clips follows a group of students as they make their first film in this video that explains the film-making process


The gift of language

What else?

See what the TES Community have to say

Resource of the week - Be a business tycoon

In the spotlight - Animal maths

    Stripe the Tiger, Snap the Crocodile and an assortment of their animal friends help young learners understand number problems in an interactive website


Coming down to Earth

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In the spotlight

Nobody's perfect

  • a new exhibition by Wellcome Collection (July 16) focuses on the 'Superhuman'
  • Wellcome Trust has also released free science packs, as part of their In the Zone initiative

Contributor of the week

Steve Spangler Science

  • US TV personality, science author and teacher Steve Spangler has shared a number of exciting science videos on TES


Throw a 'wild rumpus'

What else?

See what the TES Community have to say

  • End of term is nigh and teachers are discussing interesting KS3 projects which include engaging but purposeful activities. Check out their ideas.

Resource of the week

Rapping rhymes

If the word on the street is more important to students than words in books Georgina Brigden's lesson will you show them how 'beats and rhymes'are just other forms of poetry

In the spotlight

Joy de livres

The Siobhan Dowd Trust wants to hear your ideas to encourage children to read.


Playing for your life

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In the spotlight - Interfaith Explorers

A new website from The Maimonides Foundation, encourages them to see the similarities between the three Abrahamic faiths while respecting and appreciating diversity.

Resource of the week

The choco-rock cycle

Rachael Ann has devised a recipe for a tasty demonstration of the rock cycle


Logon to the future

What else?

  • Help students design their own mobile apps with a lesson from QBALL
  • teaching-resource/Design-an-App-6107331 Scratchwith BarbaraThompson's lesson

See what the TES Community have to say

  • Teachers are worried by the ICT agenda and the Government's recent announcements. Check out their views and join the debate.

In the spotlight - Friendly spaces for early learners


Language leaders

The Routes East Language Leader Award is a year-long programme for secondary students of any age, designed to develop their leadership skills and confidence and enhance their linguistic abilities.

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Resource of the week

Guten tag lines

  • As the big summer blockbusters hit cinema screens Tes user brettl's Film-Taglines activity brings some movie magic to this summer's German classroom.

In the spotlight - Pictures speak louder than words

B small publishing's Spanish-English picture dictionary is great for new learners, introducing over 350 words.

Designed for child beginners the book does not require dictionary skills. Vocabulary is divided by topic rather than alphabetically (though a standard word dictionary is included at the back). Each topic is covered over one page and includes 9 images, each with the English word, Spanish translation and pronunciation guide.

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