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Topical teaching resources for November

Reflect, discuss and raise awareness this November with a host of important calendar events to address in your classroom. From Remembrance Day to Road Safety Week, you’ll have plenty to ponder this month. Use our collections of hand-picked free teaching resources to help you.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day (11) Commemorate those who died in wars past and present with lessons and carefully planned assemblies. Help your students to understand the significance of the occasion and teach them valuable lessons about preserving peace.

Bonfire night

Bonfire Night (5) A time for fun, fireworks, and the opportunity to learn about Guy Fawkes’ role in British history. Make sure you remember, remember to use these hand-picked teaching resources in November.

Children in Need

Children in Need (13) Have fun raising awareness as well as a bit of cash for children around the world who need some support to ensure that they are happy, healthy and safe.

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-bullying Week (16 - 20) Help students to understand the different types of bullying behaviour and why bullying is always harmful. Support class relationships this week and encourage kids to speak up if they are being bullied.


Diwali (11-15) Observe the Sikh and Hindu festival of lights; taking place as the nights get longer. Celebrate in school using these assemblies and presentations about the origins and rituals of Diwali.

Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week (23 - 29)Improve children’s awareness of road dangers and provide them with the skills needed to gain confidence and independence both as pedestrians and as the next generation of motorists.

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