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The Great Fire of London

On Sunday 2 September 1666 a small spark from a baker’s oven in Pudding Lane began a fire that ravaged the streets of London for 3 nights. Explore the events of the Great Fire of London with pupils with these free teaching resources, including a clip from Sky Atlantic’s British TV series and a lesson plan from TES partner National Schools Partnership.

The British: The Great Fire of London

Watch this clip in class and use the lesson plan to explore the events of the great fire.

Sky Atlantic’s compelling resource brings to life defining moments from over 2000 years of British history. This fascinating video and detailed lesson plan provide students with amazing insight into the ways in which the Romans have contributed to shaping the nation’s history.

See more about The British and National Schools Partnership resources on their TES profile.

The British: Great Fire lesson plan

More Great Fire resources from TES users

The Great Fire in photos

  • A pictorial presentation re-telling the events that unfolded on the streets of London in 1666.

Samuel Pepys diary

  • Show pupils snippets of Pepys’ report of the fire as part of a project to encourage students to start their own diaries.

Inspired by Pepys

  • Encourage pupils to imagine what it would have been like to be in London at the time of the Great Fire with this PowerPoint presentation.

What happened when?

  • Match up cards to help pupils remember the order events happened on the night of the fire.

Great Fire role-play

  • Recreate the spread of the fire safely in class with this engaging drama activity.

Literacy and London’s fire

  • From dictionary skills to spelling, acrostic poems to colouring-in, this activity book is packed with tasks to improve pupils’ literacy skills and historical knowledge.

Picture this: Pudding Lane to St Paul’s

  • Develop pupils’ confidence with source analysis with these images from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Creative history

  • From 17th century Grand Designs to hot news reports, this lesson pack has plenty of creative activities to help pupils remember the details of the Great Fire.

Fire sculpture

  • Use this PowerPoint as a springboard to get pupils creating sculptures to represent the fire.

Burning questions

  • A quick quiz to see how much pupils know about the Great Fire of London.

After the fire

  • What did Charles II do after the fire had swept through London’s streets? Pupils decide whether he made good or bad choices in this discussion lesson.

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