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Anti-bullying live lesson, 22nd November, 11am

Join TES and Beat Bullying for a live lesson to help make bullying unacceptable in your school.

To get involved with this lesson you will need:

  • A clear space - you can try pushing back the tables in your classroom and form a large circle of chairs.
  • One notecard and an envelope for each student. You could also use a post-it note.
  • Opinion cards (Strongly agree, Mainly agree, Not sure, Mainly disagree, Strongly disagree hanging from a clothes line or stuck to the floor.
  • Flipchart paper and markers.

Beat Bullying live lesson plan
Download the full and extended 60 minutes lesson plan to access full information and resources.

Further Resources

Use the following materials to help explore the subject of bullying with your classes:

Bullying Collection

  • A selection of resources for teaching about different types of bullying.


  • Behavior expert Tom Bennett gives practical advice for tackling cyberbullying in schools.

Cyberbullying Collection

  • Hand-picked resources about bullying online.

Anti-Bullying Week

  • A list of resources to support activities during Anti-Bullying Week (19th-23rd November).

Beat Bullying on TES

  • Find resources from Beat Bullying.

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