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16 November 2012

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

Fight the virus and the stigma

Recommended resources:

Key stage 1 - World Aids Day

  • A simple PowerPoint from foxedup80 to raise awareness of HIV and Aids.

Key stage 2 - Kishe's Story

  • Pupils can find out how HIV affects communities, with Hamilton Trust's resource pack focusing on an orphan's story.

Key stage 3 - Understand Aids

  • Explain the differences between HIV and Aids with a presentation from leighbee23.

Key stage 4 - How much do you know?

  • Mr b shares a quiz to test students' knowledge of the viruses complemented with awareness posters.

Key stage 5 - HIV briefing

  • Explain the details of the disease with this booklet from Society for General Microbiology.


21st Century Shakespeare

A teaching resource pack is available from TES

A dog's not just for Christmas

Blue Cross Education's resources are perfect for those pupils eagerly awaiting a pet for Christmas.

LGBT launch

Try The Classroom resources from SchoolsOUT and get planning for 2013.

Be Creative

For inspiration and more details, check out the TES film studies collection.

Assembly of the week: Stop violence towards women

Primary resources

Top 10 World Aids Day (1 December)

Raise awareness of HIV and Aids with these hand-picked resources.

Any ideas

'If you have a novel idea for the classroom – or the solution to a knotty teaching problem - we'd love to hear about it.' Please email ideas to our Resources editor

Secondary resources

Spotlight on… Charity

With the good will season approaching, encourage pupils to think of others with these resources from charities.

Primary Geography

A precious resource

What else?

Secondary Science

Stop the superbug!

What else?

  • For more inspiring ideas, check out The Royal Institution's resources on TES.
  • Try raj.nandhra's seven lesson plans for a unit of work on controlling infectious diseases.

Primary Maths

Below zero and beyond

What else?

  • Help students count their coins, with the TES money collection.
  • From bank accounts to temperature, dontcallmelewi's PowerPoint explores real life situations where pupils may encounter negative numbers.

Secondary English

Texts put to the test

What else?

  • Try the activities in mirrymir's reading journals to encourage students to become passionate about reading.
  • Or turn students into successful readers with Miss_s_k's reading skills lesson.

Primary Science

Up, up and away

What else?

  • TES spoke to Lord Robert Winston in a web chat last month, check out what he had to say.
  • Get students making their own bottle rockets with p.tyron's lesson.
  • The Royal Society has shared over 170 resources on TES, there's a wide range of topics covered from bats and bugs to trauma surgery.

Secondary MFL

The long and the short of it

What else?

Secondary Extra

Powerful politics

What else?

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