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7 December 2012

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

We like to break records. Or at least to try

Recommended resources:

Key stage 1 - Iceberg ahead

  • Try this interactive book from lisabedgehod to introduce pupils to features of the Antarctica.

Key stage 2 - Teachers in the Freezer

  • Find out what happened when a group of teachers went to Antarctica in a Teachers TV video.

Key stage 3 - Top of the pole

  • Test students’ knowledge of the Antarctica with lrabbetts’s quiz.

Key stage 4 - Chilly holidays

  • Explore the impact of tourism on the Antarctica with this GreenTV video.


Get writing right

If you’re looking for resources to support primary pupils’ writing development, check out TES’s new writing progression resources.

Keeping current

Encourage students to show an interest in current affairs with new TES partner the Day’s resources.

UCAS workshops

Check out the TES UCAS collection for resources to help you with the last minute rush of students wanting to apply

Great grammar

Get back to basics with the TES grammar flashcard.

Assembly of the week: Steps to success

Primary resources

Top 10 Heroes

Check out more heroes resources in the TES collection

Any ideas

'If you have a novel idea for the classroom – or the solution to a knotty teaching problem - we'd love to hear about it.' Please email ideas to our Resources editor

Secondary resources

Spotlight on… Human Rights

Encourage students to focus on humanitarian issues with these Human Rights Day resources, in the TES collection.

Primary MFL

Characters to admire

What else?

Secondary Science

Imitate to appreciate

What else?

Primary PE

Walking with the wounded

What else?

Secondary History

Was he a goodie or a baddie?

What else?


Legendary thoughts

What else?

Secondary Maths

Defending what counts

What else?

  • Check out Jonny Griffiths’ collection of resources to help you conquer the S2 Statistics module
  • Try Astronyxis’ lesson on Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient.

Secondary Extra

Adventure starts now

What else?

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