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21 December 2012

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

Lessons shared around the world

Recommended resources:

1. USA - POW! Superheroes

  • The country which gave us Spiderman, Batman and The Incredible Hulk is still obsessed with superheroes – particularly in the classroom.

2. Saudi Arabia - Shifting Sands

  • The second-largest Arab state is 98 per cent desert so perhaps it's not surprising that schools are pre-occupied with the future of their own landscape.

3. Australia - Made to measure

  • In parts of Australia there is nothing but space – about 40 per cent of the 7.6 million square kilometre continent is virtually uninhabitable.

4. Ireland - Ship of dreams

  • The opening of the sensational Titanic Visitor Centre in Belfast, northern Ireland, this year commemorated the centenary of the tragic sinking of the 'Ship of Dreams'.

5. Romania - Goodwill to all

  • Designed to develop pupils' literacy skills, this pack includes resources which range from essay writing (using PEE- point, evidence, explanation), to debating and reading aloud to exploring subtext and metaphor.

6. Pakistan - Disco dancing

  • Teaching in Pakistan has traditionally been teacher-led with classes structured as lectures.

7. Kenya - What's the story?

  • Kenyan educators' favourite resource reflects the country's heritage of oral storytelling.

8. Nigeria - Phonics fever

  • English is the language of learning in Nigeria, and the country's Education Research and Development Council is finalising moves to include synthetic phonics in the national curriculum.

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Set out on safari

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