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Schools saved from the worst as council cutbacks continue

magazine article | Published in TES Newspaper on 13 March, 1998 | By: neil munro

Neil Munro rounds up the shape of the 32 education budgets in the next financial year.


Savings range from 5 per cent in Aberdeen to nil in Midlothian, Orkney and West Lothian. Aberdeen is also top of misery league for overall spending with council cuts of 7.5 per cent, while Orkney, Shetland and Western Isles have made no cuts at all.

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Perth and Kinross, Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire will suffer teacher and instructor job losses. Perth and Kinross is contemplating the loss of 57 full-time teacher posts, but the biggest single jobs loss is in the Edinburgh school meals service with the decision to provide only packed lunches for primary and nursery pupils.


Education budget £86.2m. Savings £4.3m or 5 per cent. Council cut 7.5 per cent.

Some of the Government's new deal money to promote its education priorities put back into budget to offset £1.7m of the spending reductions.

Main savings - £434,000 from review of repairs and maintenance, £322,000 from axing 13 teaching posts, £314,000 if closure of six primary and infant schools successful, £236,000 from review of community education, £200,000 out of janitorial services.


Education budget £109.4m. Savings £1.21m or 1 per cent. Council cut 2 per cent.

Budget represents net growth of £3.4m. Savings of £2.3m not achieved this year are being built back into the budget with the help of the Government's £2.8m new deal money. Per capita allowances are being increased by £1.50 per secondary pupil and £2 per primary pupil. An extra £500,000 goes on school maintenance.

Main savings - £306,000 from ending evening classes, £128,000 from 8 per cent cut in visiting specialist teachers, £83,000 from axing outdoor education, unspecified share of £1.75m economies on staff costs.


Education budget £49m. Savings £494,000 or 1.1 per cent. Council cut 3 per cent.

New deal money of £1.6m plus "good housekeeping" will mean 4.5 per cent spending increase on schools.

Main savings - £155,000 from recalculating the budget, £120,000 by closing Newtyle Secondary, £79,000 by increasing charges for meals, music instruction and school lets, £70,000 in school cleaning.


Education budget £47m. Savings £1.8m or 3.89 per cent. Council cut 4.2 per cent.

Main savings - a 15 per cent rise in school meal charges will rake in £150,000, another £150,000 from raising the entitlement to free transport from two to three miles, an anticipated £140,000 from closing three primaries, £110,000 by spending less on grounds maintenance, £100,000 cut in absence cover.


Education and community services budget £25.3m. Savings £762,000 or 2.9 per cent. Council cut 4.7 per cent.

Additional new deal money means net budget loss of 0.2 per cent, but a net increase of 1.8 per cent in school and pre-five spending.

Main savings - £60,000 in inter-authority payments, £50,000 from in-service training and supplies, £44,000 in administrative costs, £30,000 in payments to independent special schools, and £25,000 of increased charges in line with inflation.


Education budget £67.8m. Savings £2.472m or 3.5 per cent. Council cut 3.4 per cent.

Main savings - FE bursaries, school meal subsidies, staff development, staffing reductions, school supplies, and closures programme.


Education budget £67m. Savings £292,000 or 0.4 per cent. Council cut 2 per cent.

New deal money of an additional £1.7m will go towards Government priority areas.

Main savings - £160,000 from closing Harris Academy annexe, £80,000 by increasing school meal charges, £20,000 staff posts.


Education budget £57.6m. Savings £611,000 or 1 per cent. Council cut 3 per cent.

Injection of £1.48m in new deal money means net growth of £871,000 or 1.5 per cent, which will go towards IT and employment of additional teachers to raise standards. Another £311,000 extra or 0.5 per cent is available from school closures for local initiatives on links with parents, supported study, work with vulnerable youngsters and education-business links.

Main savings - £102,000 from delegated budgets but over £400,000 put back in, 10 primary and secondary posts lost but 27 created for new deal priorities, cleaning and catering, £30,000 from community education.


Education budget £52.3m. Savings £1m or 1.9 per cent. Council cut 3.6 per cent.

The council assumes zero inflation for general expenditure and a two per cent salary award.

Main savings - "efficiency savings" of 0.3 per cent and use of capital funding to buy £254,000 worth of books and equipment.


Education budget £45.5m. Savings £1.1m or 2.4 per cent. Council cut 4.9 per cent.

Budget represents a net increase of 5.2 per cent including over £1m in new deal money.

Main savings - £500,000 in efficiency savings, £100,000 from school welfare and catering review.


Education budget £49.98m. Savings £950,000 or 2.3 per cent. Council cut 3.5 per cent.

A "modest increase" of 0.9 per cent, mainly due to rising rolls. But major rise in special education of £352,000, plus growth in early intervention and alternatives to exclusion.

Main savings - £200,000 from staffing, £185,000 off DSM budgets equivalent to £15 for a secondary pupil and £12 for a primary or nursery pupil, £141,000 from retirements, £90,000 by increasing secondary transport limits from two to three miles.


Education budget £164.2m. Savings £2.27m or 1.38 per cent. Council cut 5.7 per cent.

£3m put back into the budget for "earlier underprovision", including £1.3m on headquarters staff, £850,000 for early retirement and £654,00 on school transport. Additional new deal injection of £4.85m. The result is that school expenditure has been protected, while the non-school areas of education have suffered cuts of 8.9 per cent.

Main savings - £750,000 by moving to packed lunch with a drink for primary and nursery pupils leading to the loss of 300 jobs, £424,068 from centrally-held school budgets, £315,000 in fuel savings, £83,900 less for voluntary organisations.


Education budget £66.2m. Savings £466,000 or 0.7 per cent. Council cut 2.2 per cent.

Extra £100,000 for increases in per capita spending and maintenance of staffing standards, visiting specialists and teacher complements in deprived areas.

Main savings - increased charges for school lets, introduction of pre-school charges for three-year-olds and full-day provision, reductions in community education, voluntary severance and non-filling of vacancies.


Education budget £149m. Savings £1.879m or 1.25 per cent. Council cut 3.2 per cent.

Budget represents a net increase of £2m, excluding £1.45m in pre-five income.

Mains savings - £425,000 from devolved secondary school budgets, £178,000 by increasing price of school meals and milk, £160,000 from higher school bursaries, and £100,000 out of in-service training.


Education budget £306m. Savings £5.5m or 2 per cent. Council cut 6 per cent.

Budget includes extra £1m from school closures programme and £2.9m of new deal money, which will provide £1.1m to create 143 full-time secondary teaching posts, £750,000 for primary classroom support, £615,000 for new technology, and £550,000 for per capita increase in school supplies.

Main savings - closure of Caol Ruadh outdoor centre in Argyll, reduction in community centre opening hours, 20 per cent cut in grants to voluntary organisations.


Education budget £111m. Savings £1.65m or 1.5 per cent. Council cut 3.8 per cent.

Some of the £2.7m new deal cash will be used to offset overspending in this year's budget.

Main savings - £220,000 on cutting management time in secondary schools, £160,000 out of community education, £160,000 less on catering and cleaning, £148,000 from introducing music tuition fees, £130,000 from education department restructuring.


Education budget £44.3m. Savings £79,000 or 0.2 per cent. Council cut 3.4 per cent. Main savings - mostly from libraries along with a £20,000 reduction in education supplies and administration.


Education budget £47m. Savings nil. Council cut 4.5 per cent.

£1m in new money, including £978,000 new deal allocation, used to offset potential cuts, add £200,000 to IT and £250,000 to building maintenance.


Education budget £45.6m. "Trimmings" rather than savings. Council cut 2 per cent.

An extra £1m, mostly from new deal funding, has gone into the budget, representing a real increase of 2.3 per cent (excluding allowances for pay rises). An extra £400,000 will increase the number of primary teachers while secondary and administrative/clerical staffing will also be enhanced, £60,000 is earmarked for appraisal, and previous per capita cuts in school supplies and equipment will be restored.

NORTH AYRSHIRE Education budget £71.5m. Savings £1.5m or 2.2 per cent. Council cut 3.5 per cent.

Main savings - administration, in-service, adult education and central staffing, rationalisation of janitors and increased school meal charge from £1.10 to £1.25.


Education budget £166.4m. Savings £1.6m or 0.97 per cent. Council cut 5.7 per cent.

Growth items with the help of new deal money include an extra £1m on building improvements, £847,000 on classroom supplies and technology, £383,000 on 19 additional staff for schools in deprived areas, and £145,000 on raising achievement.

Main savings - £500,000 by charging pre-four pupils, £345,000 from community education, £290,000 on cleaning, catering and grounds maintenance contracts, £155,000 from shedding six advisory staff, £100,000 through putting clothing and footwear grants out to tender.


Education budget £16m. No departmental cuts.

Budget up by £200,000 allowing modest growth on transport and pre-school for special needs pupils.


Education budget £56m. Savings £1.87m or 3 per cent. Council cut 5 per cent.

Main savings - £1.3m from staffing reductions equivalent to 57 full-time posts, £100,000 from 10p increase in school meal charges, £63,000 cut in janitorial services, £31,000 (10 per cent) cut in staff development.


Education budget £78.4m. Savings £1.53m or 2 per cent. Council cut 4.2 per cent.

There is additional £2.4m new deal funding for schools and £600,000 from council balances is going towards school equipment.

Main savings - £430,000 efficiency measures, £297,000 taken from devolved school budgets, £117,000 from reducing primary teacher staffing standards to 2.5 per cent above national guidelines, £175,000 by reducing waste in school meals. Seven primary and three special school posts will be lost but 43 additional posts will be created to back new deal priorities.


Education budget £46.3m. Savings £800,000 or 1.73 per cent. Council cut 5.2 per cent.

Savings would have been £1.8m without £1m new deal funds which protected 50 jobs. Remaining £200,000 new deal share going on IT and pre-school.

Main savings - £250,000 from equipment and materials, £250,000 from school repairs and maintenance, £118,000 staffing adjustment due to falling rolls.


Education budget £24.7m. Savings nil. Council cut nil.

Still working to reduce council-wide expenditure by £5m by 2000.


Education budget £52.4m (including leisure). Savings £570,400 or 1.08 per cent. Council increase 2.47 per cent.

Growth of £150,000 has been earmarked for raising achievement initiatives including extending early intervention, supported study in secondary schools and enabling closer links between primary and special schools.

Main savings - £198,400 from "organisational and administrative savings", £150,000 from commercial charges, £80,000 through own provision for disruptive pupils.


Education budget £170m (including libraries but not community education). Savings £2.4m or 1.4 per cent. Council cut 5 per cent.

New investment of £3.7m will target literacy and numeracy, exam performance, behaviour support, and early intervention. This has offset cuts, leading to net growth of £1.3m or 0.9 per cent.

Main savings - £750,000 (0.75 per cent) from devolved school budgets, £364,000 (11 per cent) in school cleaning, £240,000 (25 per cent) from shedding central office posts, £200,000 (4 per cent) in savings on repairs and maintenance, £126,000 (20 per cent) from reduction of 7.6 full-time music instructor posts.


Education budget £39.8m. Saving £1.08m or 2.7 per cent. Council cut 4.7 per cent.

Budget includes £970,000 for new deal priorities but no decisions taken on allocations yet, but £238,000 used to offset cuts in learning support.

Main savings - secondary staffing cut by 5.6 posts, £215,000 cut in special education payments, £395,000 transferred from capital to shore up school maintenance, £80,000 cash limit on bursaries, clothing and footwear grants.


Education budget £49.2m. Savings £100,000 or 0.19 per cent. Council cut 1.66 per cent.

New deal money of £1.24m will boost pre-fives, Higher Still and 5-14 developments, IT, staff development and individual school initiatives.

Main savings - £50,000 from energy budgets, £16,000 by awarding no new FE bursaries, and £10,000 from residential accommodation and increased income. Education will also have to bear its share of a £600,000 council-wide cut from non-filling of vacant posts.


Education budget £81.8 million. Savings nil. Council cut standstill.

Budget represents growth of £1.7 million - £280,000 on rising pupils rolls, "spend to save" measures amounting to £360,000 on school buildings and £460,000 from school rationalisation, and £600,000 on "additional burdens".


Education budget £28.5m. Savings £260,000 or 0.9 per cent. Council cut 1.1 per cent.

Budget shows overall increase of 3.4 per cent, although that includes £458,000 in new deal money, compared with 2 per cent rise for council spending overall. Extra cash going towards increased per capita for schools, staff development, restoration of cuts in repairs and maintenance, and extra early learning staff.

Main savings - efficiencies in purchasing, school repairs and maintenance, cuts in office building costs.

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