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Advanced skills teacher pay scales

Career | Published 8 October, 2012

Find out how much your advanced skills are worth

All teacher pay scales in full

(Unchanged from 2010)

Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs) have their own pay spine and each AST is paid within a five point range based primarily on the nature of their work, the scale of the challenges to be tackled, the professional competencies needed and any other recruitment considerations.

The AST grade offers excellent classroom teachers the opportunity to continue teaching and use their skills to enhance the performance of other teachers. The pay spine reflects the fact that the grade is an alternative career path to taking up a leadership or management post.

Pay scale for ASTs

Scale pointAnnual salary England and Wales excluding  London
(band D)
Annual salary inner London area
(band A)
Annual salary outer London area
(band B)
Annual salary Fringe area
(band C)

Source: School Teachers’ Review Body

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Comment (17)

  • If I become an AST would I automatically move up a scale point each year in the same way that I currently do?

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    22 December, 2009


  • AST posts are assigned a 5 point scale. Progression to the next point is subject to satisfactory performance management reviews.

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    15 January, 2010


  • I'm a teacher of 17 years experience who won a National Teaching Award in 2004. I've been encouraged to apply for a post threshold AST by my head teacher but am struggling to meet some of the standards which apply to implementation on policy because my professional role has not put me in a position to do that. However, I have led a lot of initiatives instigated by me, such as gaining the ISA award, expeditions, CPD/Teaching Assistant programmes in South Africa, building projects in Malawi...The standards also suggest that I should have a certain amount of research under my belt, which I don't. Any advice gratefully received.

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  • Through the introduction of the new government and the pay freezes occuring across the sector could anybody clear up whether this occurs to progression through the AST pay spine based on a successful performance management review. I have recently moved authorities who aren't upto speed with AST's so i don't seem to have much confidence in them.

    Thanks for your comments.

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    3 August, 2010


  • I am an AST and my Professional Body magazine tells me that progression for ASTs is not frozen. However I have just received my salary review and my point has remained the same as last year. I am confused. Not yet had pm, but last year I went up a point and the HT added a note that it was subject to a successful review. It was successful and I went up- but not this year.
    Can anyone shed some light?

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    18 September, 2010


  • Progression (for me) has generally been every 2 years, since the transfer of the AST scale onto the leadership spine. This is apparently to reflect the larger size of increase on the leadership payscale. Whether that is true in your case I don't know.

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    22 October, 2010

    Deep Blue C

  • I think it's cheeky for HT's not to be clearer about pay progression. In my LA AST's should move up annually if PM is successful.

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    8 November, 2010

    OTT London

  • I have been an AST for 2.5 years and had a increase from AST4 to 7 in that time. I have just received a letter from my governing body stating that they are limiting the AST payscale to AST7. This means no further salary increases. Are they allowed to do this as they have not allowed me a 5 point progression range?

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    16 March, 2011


  • How do you move from UPS1 to UPS2? i'VE BEEN ups1 for 5 years. I am Lead teacher in 2 curriculum areas, Forest School trained, student mentor trained, Early Years lead, CP Offficer. Would this go towards my move?

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    23 May, 2012


  • should be 2 years between each UPS upgrade - but Our head likes to be picky at UPS3 and make people wait. No AST at out large comp unless you are a curriculum leader with outstanding results.

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    23 August, 2012


  • I am an AST and have recieved a pay increment each year based on succesful PM review. My take on this is that just as with post threshold increments, a school must justify to you withholding an increment, making it clear what aspects of your performance did not meet expectations and therefore signposting the way for the coming year. My school did actually agree a 2 point increse one year due to an especially positive review and a strong supporting arguement from myself.

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    25 September, 2012


  • Currently HoD and UPS2, wanting to apply for AST post (as has role within senior leadership team of school) but would my pay start at spine point AST1? Is this school / post dependent? Thanks

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    9 January, 2013


  • Before being promoted to Assistant Headteacher I was a county funded AST in Mathematics. I too was HoD prior to taking up the AST position and negotiated with my headteacher to transfer across to the Leadership Pay Spine at an equivalent salary to what I was on and then a little extra (as external funding came into school). We set my pay spine as L10-L14.

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    15 January, 2013


  • Does anyone know whether AST will still exist come Sept 2013? My Head teacher has suggested I apply, but I don't want to do so if it will not exist new the time the new academic year comes along.

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    10 February, 2013


  • AST roles are slowly being phased out, I am a school funded AST and so far been lucky in keeping my role unlike many of my county AST colleagues. Personally I would not encourage anyone to take up an AST role from now unless they are currently one as the advice we have been given is AST's are on the way out and will eventually be phased out completely.
    If you are being asked to apply for an AST by your HT ask them why they want you to do it? What's the advantage for you?
    Sorry to sound the voice of doom and gloom

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    24 February, 2013


  • I am an AST who initially moved up the 5-point scale and was told I would continue to the next by our bursar. When she left this did not happen and I left it for a while due to personal issues.
    However, when I broached the subject again , I was told I could not earn as much as senior leaders in the school and arguments around the fact that AST was a way to progress to those salaries through work in the classroom fell on deaf ears. The threat of redundancies also made me feel I could not put my case forward properly.
    Any advice?

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    8 March, 2013


  • I am a local authority funded AST but we have been told that the funding will go this year and that I will be unable to use the AST title as of September (which I think goes for all AST's). Pay and conditions are protected for 3 years so I wont lose the salary and my school has created a post as a teaching and learning advisor for me which is basically the same as an AST but without the outreach (unless schools want to buy me in!). I would be reluctant to go through the process as the post is going and it is a lot of work. Perhaps you could get your head to look at SLE status if they want yo to progress and use your skills to promote good practice - as an SLE you could specialise in teaching and learning?

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    8 April, 2013


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