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Unqualified teachers' pay scales

Career | Published 8 October, 2012

See how much you’re worth on the revised pay scale

All teacher pay scales in full

Unqualified teachers - such as instructors - are now paid on a six point scale, revised from the previous 10 point scale and you can check the chart below to see how the new system maps onto the previous one. The governing body decides where on the scale an unqualified teacher should start, and may also pay an additional allowance on top of this. Trainee teachers following an employment-based route to qualified teacher status may be paid on the qualified or unqualified teachers’ pay scale.

The pay scale for unqualified teachers

Scale pointAnnual salary England and Wales excluding  London
(band D)
Annual salary inner London area
(band A)
Annual salary outer London area
(band B)
Annual salary Fringe area
(band C)

Source: School Teachers’ Review Body

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Comment (32)

  • I have been told by LA that they are unable to pay the new salary for 1/9/08 because their computer system will not let them. They are using the 1/9/07 figures instead. Has the scales been approved? And does anyone know why this is the case?

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    23 September, 2008


  • How do you knoe your scale point? Is it experience?

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    15 January, 2009

    Andean Pat

  • so, can i just ask...for a nqt starting in a scool in sept...what the pay? thought it was 20,000???am i being robbed??

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    3 March, 2009


  • what is the scale point stand for?

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    26 March, 2009


  • As an unqualified working in a secondary school, why can they chose the amount of pay to me? Can they only pay me for the hours that I teach (16hours) and not as a whole teaching timetable? I am way under 20,000 that is stated in the TDA point scale. Is this legal?

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    21 July, 2009


  • How long can you stay as unqualified, I was told there was no time limit, then someone else said it did have a limit. just curious

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    24 July, 2009


  • I work as an unqualified teacher in a Private school for Spld children. I have been teaching my own class for almost eight years. I am responsible for a teaching a subject area across the whole school, in the afternoon timetable, my own class for English and maths in the morning and I also have responsibility for resources. My pay is £18,500 per annum. Am I being paid way below my worth? Also does anyone know which pay spine should I be looking at?

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    24 July, 2009


  • I have reached point 6 what happens next? no pay rise?

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    27 July, 2009


  • Very useful to see pay scales and how and were I fit in, good tool

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    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    2 December, 2009


  • From the website of TDA, I read that a school teacher with an unqualified teacher status has a maximum of four years to teach in the mainstream school while he is pursuing his/her NQT status. Is this a proposal or has it been implimented and already in operation? - love_mercy

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    2 December, 2009


  • How are the additional allowance calculated

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    27 December, 2009


  • I run a 1 to 1 Numeracy programme but am paid on an admin pay scale, should I qualify for unqualified teachers pay and does this cover the whole year as I do work in the holidays at home (research and planning) and currently do not get paid for this.

    Any advice??

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    23 February, 2010


  • when do you qualify for m1 scales if you are currently a gtp!

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    18 March, 2010


  • The best place to ask all these questions about pay and conditions is on the Pay forum of the website here:

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    20 March, 2010


  • I graduated in 1992 with a Masters degree in Electrical engineering and worked both in the private and public sector for many years as an engineer, manager and director. I would like to go into teaching but not sure how to go about it. Can someone explain the steps i should take. Also can you tell me where i can apply for a teachers job in both private and public school.

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    2 September, 2010


  • I received my Teaching Qualification in Venezuela in 2002 and I have worked in Caracas as a Drama Teacher for about 4 years. I relocated in the UK last year and I have applied several times for positions as a Drama Teacher or Spanish Teacher but my applications have been unsuccessful. My teaching qualification is in Drama but I am also a Native Spanish speaker. Can anybody advise me how to obtain a position as a non qualified teacher? I want to start an OTT Programme so I would have QTS here.

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    6 September, 2010

    A Silva-Mynett.

  • I have a BA in Music, and two MAs from London University, but because I don't have GCSE Maths, can't teach. Can someone see the logic in this when all I want to teach is Music and Religious Studies, not Maths?

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    24 November, 2010


  • If in a permanent full time position is the pay for 52 weeks or pro rata

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    30 March, 2011


  • As far as I'm aware you qualify for M1 pay scale when you have completed your GTP year or have graduated from either a BA Hons QTS or PGCE.

    If you have a Degree or even Masters you still need to gain Qualified Teacher Status either through the Graduate Teacher Programme or through PGCE (see the TDA website for availability)

    If you are an NQT - I think you have 5 years to complete your NQT year. But if you supply - you can only work for one year on supply without having completed your NQT year; and the year begins the first day of your supply work.

    Hope that helps.

    Hope that helps.

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    27 May, 2011


  • How d you determine what scale point you are?

    I'm an NQT but have just got a part-time job on the unqualified teacher rate scale 1-3. So does that mean I will be scale 3 because I have a PGCE?

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    8 July, 2011


  • I am a professional teacher in English language, but i have now relocated from my country to join my husband in the uk. I am therefore considered not professional, i need to school and at the same time work, what do i do? i was teaching English school in a senior high school- under recognised rules and education system in my country. i need a job, please help me so i can support my self through training

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    30 September, 2011


  • Hi how do we find out payscales for teaching assistants? Im currently working as a SEN teaching assistant in an academy for children 3 - 16. I have a degree in education and SEN. Before i started this role in Sept I had 1 years paid teaching assistant experience and around 4 years un paid experience which i did throughout college and university. How do i work out what pay i should be on?

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    15 November, 2011


  • I was hired in April 2009 at UQ6 (was told I'd be paid £24,453). Should my salary have automatically gone up in September 2010 to £25,016, or is it up to the individual schools to decide whether or not to raise it?

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    30 April, 2012


  • As an unqualified teacher, does my salary increase each year through the payscale or do I have to apply to the head teacher to increase my payscale? Please help anyone

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    31 May, 2012


  • As can be seen from these comments, the teaching profession and it's 'pay scale' is as clear as mud and about as enforceable. Private schools pretty much pay what they like even if you've got years of experience and are expected to take responsibility for a department. IT problems are used as an excuse for not paying staff the current rate - or at all (IT problems are probably the only consistent factor in most jobs). I just saw a job advertisement which ended its description with: "to support the Curriculum and Quality Team Manager in the provision of high quality provision." People don't even care about what they are advertising anymore, let alone understand what the language actually means. Teaching has become a cut and paste forest of meaningless jargon. The media exhorts young people to be adventurous and express their individuality, while schools under the guise of 'academies' (sounds posh, doesn't it?) routinely ignore and crush these very qualities in the name of 'classroom management'. The sacred cow of education is a fallacy. If I have kids I won't send them to school in the U.K., that's for certain.

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    11 June, 2013


  • What should I include in my supporting letter for starting at Point 2 or 3 of the pay scale? I'm starting a Salaried Schools Direct Chemistry place in September & want to put forward a convincing argument for starting above Point 1 of the pay scale.

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    20 June, 2013


  • Hi, l am looking into teaching mathematics/ numeracy in colleges/adult education. Any idea if a graduate of Agricultural science extension and management will be accepted. Secondly, what is the salary like ? Thank you.

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    15 July, 2013


  • Can anybody help? I have been working for the last four years as head of P.E in a special needs school for physical, sensory and complex medical needs and co ordinate physical education for all (Reception to KS5).
    I am a qualified P.E instructor but do not have teacher status. I write all my own schemes of work, have regular observations (majority outstanding), manage a budget, attend subject leader meetings, do data analysis, meet all performance targets, run lunch time clubs and manage 10 plus staff.
    I have been told that because I am not a qualified teacher I am unable to claim the special needs allowance or any TLR payments. Is this true? Please help!

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    29 August, 2013


  • Can anybody help me please? I am due to start a teaching position in September as a NQT. Currently as my course is nearly finished I have started doing supply work in my school as an unqualified teacher until QTS is awarded, but I am not sure what the pay will be per day etc (I am doing doing 2 days per week)Any advice would be greatly appreciated:-)

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    10 May, 2014


  • Could anybody please tell me where i can find details of what each of the 1-6 pay scales represent for unqualified teachers? How should the scales be used to determine an individual's salary/are there specific duties/roles that are related to each of the scales?

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    21 September, 2014


  • can someone please help me in working out my pay scale as im starting my teacher training as an unqualified teacher in a school but they are paying me on point 1 but at 4 days and not 5, how do I work out what my pay each month is going to be? I can't find it anywhere!

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    7 June, 2015


  • I have a B.Ed primary with QTS and I am working as a cover officer in secondary school. The school is about to become an academy and there is talk of giving cover officers their own classes to teach and pay them as unqualified teachers. Can a primary school teacher teach KS 3? If I can teach then why should I accept unqualified teacher salary?

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    14 November, 2015


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