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History: all secondary schools to have a Holocaust expert

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300 schools to become Holocaust specialists

News | Published in TES Newspaper on 10 July, 2009 | By: Adi Bloom

£1.5m national programme will train a teacher from every secondary school in England

Hundreds of schools across the country are to become specialist centres of Holocaust education under a national scheme launched today.

The plan, which will be rolled out in 300 schools, forms part of the new £1.5 million Holocaust education programme run by London University’s Institute of Education.

As The TES revealed in November, the Holocaust Education Development Programme will provide extensive specialist training for 3,500 teachers - one from every secondary in England.

The first cohort of 150 will attend a one-day workshop in London at the beginning of November and a second workshop three weeks later. This will be followed by similar sessions in Liverpool. The training will then be introduced across the country over the next two years.

From these teachers, 300 will be able to follow up their training with a masters degree module in Holocaust education. Their schools will then become designated beacons of excellence in the subject.

The masters module, which will be delivered online, will be free to participating teachers. The cost will be covered jointly by the Pears Foundation and the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

Stuart Foster, director of the programme, said: “Professional development can be quite short-lived. We want it to be a continuous process rather than people going away and forgetting about it.”

The specialist teachers will co-ordinate Holocaust education in their schools. Often, the subject is discussed during history, English, RE and citizenship, but with little collaboration between staff.

“Are those teachers working together?” Dr Foster said. “Is there a sense of collaboration in schools? Often, planning is a little bit arbitrary. We want schools to think about how they organise their curriculum.”

The Holocaust specialists will also pilot new teaching materials and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Eventually, they will work with local authorities, bringing co-ordinated Holocaust education into all local schools.

They will also liaise with teachers across the country as part of an online network supporting the national training programme.

Paul Salmons, the programme’s head of curriculum and development, said: “One of the greatest assets of the programme will be this pool of teachers with classroom expertise, ideas and knowledge. They will really immerse themselves in cutting-edge research into Holocaust history and education.”

At present the Holocaust forms a compulsory part of the national curriculum, but teachers often find it a difficult subject to teach effectively.

“You’re talking about mass murder - some of the worst atrocities humans are capable of,” Mr Salmons said. “That can be very disorientating and distressing for young people. We’re looking at how to move them, without traumatising them.

“Teachers want to encourage deep reflection about the Holocaust, but not revulsion, horror and disgust. The key is to enhance learning, not to shock.”

Judith Vandervelde, an educator at the Jewish Museum in London, agrees that there is an urgent need for effective methods of teaching about the Holocaust in schools.

“The understanding that pupils get through face-to-face interaction with Holocaust survivors is quite incredible,” she said. “But they’re not going to be here for ever.

“We have to look into how we’re going to continue to have that connection without survivors speaking to pupils. We need to look ahead a few years and make Holocaust education tangible and accessible.”

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Comment (29)

  • Is the holocaust of WWII the only holocaust, or the worst holocaust, there has been in the last 200 years? What value will a degree in the Shoa be if it does not make reference and comparison to the other tragic incidences of genocide?

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    12 July, 2009


  • The most documented genocide in history sure needs a lot of upkeep. Why?

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    13 July, 2009


  • It beggars belief that Institute of Education now wants to start a course to train specialists on Holocaust. What will the children do with such specialist knowledge on one single aspect of history? Their not-so -ignorant democratically elected leaders on completely false pretext unleashed Shock and Awe on Afghanistan and Iraq despite the fact that those two countries did nothing against the USA and the UK and could not even do anything. Did these humanitarian leaders think that those bombs will not burn people alive? Holocaust = Burn flesh.In the sake of fairness and equality, IoE must start a course on the continuing Holocaust going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 2 million Iraqis and Afghans are already dead and even if not a single bullet is fired many more million will die because of Depleted Uranium contamination. This is done by no Nazi dictator but by democratically elected governments of the USA and the UK. There is no reason for the IoE not to start such a course unless of course it thinks that the victims of this ongoing Holocaust are almost all Muslims, not the God’s Chosen Ones, and therefore do not deserve the same treatment.

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  • Surely the reason that the WWII holocaust is being taught is because it is on the history curriculum and not because of any lack of compassion for the many people being injured or killed in current conflicts. I also believe that anyone who learns about the Nazi Holocaust must then think "We can not let this happen again to anyone whatever their Faith or Nationality!"Is this training necessary? Yes because already there is a vocal group of people saying that the Holocaust didn

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    13 July, 2009


  • I agree that it must be a knee-jerk reaction to recent news stories and a current wave of thinking that says we can be radical and say it never happened much like radicals say global warming is nothing to do with human actions. It is at worst selective and narrow-minded, but wouldn't any self-respecting teacher address the balance in any delivery of such material?

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    13 July, 2009


  • "300 schools to become Holocaust specialists: The cost will be covered jointly by the Pears Foundation and the Department for Children, Schools and Families."

    Should an outside organisation, albeit with the Department's cooperation, set the curriculum?

    I suspect their motives. This project may have been timed to coincide with the trial of Demjanjuk. The latter will no doubt be a media feeding frenzy - a show trial for the Holocaust. If genocide is the concern why not pump the money into the devastated state of Rwanda? They still feel the hardships of genocide. The surviving victims of the Holocaust are (mostly) thankfully not in that position.

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    14 July, 2009


  • what a waste of money, what about the ongoing holocaust of the Palestinians

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    14 July, 2009


  • “Teachers want to encourage deep reflection about the Holocaust, but not revulsion, horror and disgust.'

    Why not? I woudl have thought that was exactly the reaction that was appropriate.

    And yes I would think it would be a lot more relevant it it included reference to other atocities which are still happening around the world (like Palestine.)

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  • The new religion...Holocaustianity. The goyim will bow down and repent for their sins against the jews and if they try to deny it, they will be imprisoned.....but that sounds just like jewish communism. Just a coincidence I guess.

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  • I think this should be the start of the dialogue, obviously there is a long way to go, with the numbers of concurrent wars and atrocities being committed. As a starting point, this has the benefit of being a part of history young people of all backgrounds could discuss a little more objectively, and its important not to raise discrimination but to look at the holocaust as a metaphor as well as an historical fact. My mum died last year aged 89, and sweet and kind as she was, as open hearted as she was, she lived through the war in Germany, saw Hitler a few times, was herself engaged in Hitler youth (things she thought were just harmless social activities) and even though she would give the shirt off her back to a traveller, she never rid herself of some of the anti-semetic propaganda. It used to shock us how at times she would still come out with offensive remarks, which we challenged her about, after which she would feel quite ashamed and saddened that this propaganda still existed. She left Germany in 1952 and married an English soldier, she gave me lessons in humanity, kindness and altruism, but she never got over the prejudice against a group of people she hardly even knew. Anything that stops and makes us think, lets not target a race of people because they are "different" in my book, is a good start!

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    15 July, 2009


  • Although the Holocaust is a very atrocious moment in history, one must not forget that it is not the only genocide that has taken place in history or indeed in the 20th century. Having a Holocaust specialist in schools seems to me to be the result of pressure from lobby group which after obtaining success in the USA are now spreading their work to the UK.

    Teaching of History is only effective when it is unbiased.

    Why don’t we teach children about the whole complex situation in the Middle East and what is really happening over there?

    Israel will achieve its full potential when it unchains itself from its dramatic past and starts looking forward.

    Why are our children being mainly thought 20th century American history and the World War II? I was horrified when I recently discovered that most of my Y8 students thought that in the 18th century people had Black and White TV!

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    15 July, 2009


  • I doubt that these students will ever be taught that forensic tests show no ZyklonB imbedded in the walls of the room called the gas chamber, but is testing overwhelmingly positive on the walls of the delousing chamber, where zyklon B is used to kill lice of the inmates of the work camp. Read about it, watch documentaries on youtube. Find out the truth about the holocaust, not what the zionist extortionists want people to believe!

    Search out Ground Penetrating Radar in Treblinka, the radar shows there are no mass graves, the ground was never disturbed, find out what high technology is doing to discover what really happened in this scam holocaust, that is exactly why the zionists imprison people who question this made up story. The pics of bodies are from the typhus epidemic. Find out the truth!

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    15 July, 2009


  • I am aghast at the cynical tone of the posts responding to this article. Catnipppp - there are people who believe Elvis, Ms Monroe (and possibly also Michael Jackson) are still alive. Some people will believe what they want to believe rather than what is documented fact, even going so far as to make up some "facts" of their own!It astounds me that there is this disturbing undercurrent of opinions and statements paraded as "fact" which seek to discredit the testimonies of Holocaust survivors and the findings of the Allied forces when they discovered the death camps. It seems to me that it is a matter of urgency that Holocaust Education is widened and deepened, not just in schools, but in the wider community. I think this is the only way to give people the real facts about the Holocaust and reverse or prevent some of this Holocaust denial brainwashing that seems to be taking hold of late. I can only assume that people who use phrases such as "Find out the truth about the holocaust, not what the zionist extortionists want people to believe!" have an anti-Israel and possibly even an anti-semitic agenda. Furthermore, anyone that thinks that what is happening between Israel and Palestine is a Genocide or even anything remotely near it, really does need to learn about the Holocaust and what constitutes a Genocide. These posts show alarming levels of ignorance in society today.It is a very sad day for the truth!

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    16 July, 2009


  • "Some people will believe what they want to believe rather than what is documented fact, even going so far as to make up some "facts" of their own!It astounds me that there is this disturbing undercurrent of opinions and statements paraded as "fact" which seek to discredit the testimonies of Holocaust survivors and the findings of the Allied forces when they discovered the death camps."

    So if the Holocaust is in fact as well documented as you claim it is, then why is it also the ONLY historical event that is ILLEGAL to examine from a different point of view? Since when do truth and "well documented facts" need the the arm and fist of the law to jail dissenters like Earnst Zundel and Gemmar Rudolf, who sit languishing in German prisons for essentially voicing unpopular historical opinions? (which they also provided clear evidence for)

    I would say that given the non-stop barrage of Holocau$t movies, memorials, "reparation" payments to Israel, and now this ridiculous 1.5 million National Program (funded by the taxpayers) it is you Holocaustians who seem to need to spew an endless stream of propaganda.

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    16 July, 2009


  • I, too, find it somewhat tasteless to create something llike "centres of Excellence in Holocaust". Of course, the tragic deaths of those who were murdered in those camps must never, ever be forgotten. And they won't. But creating a "specialism" in such matters is tasteless somehow.
    It would be wrong to just teach about the Holocaust during the Hitler regime, implying "ah, well it's in the past" without VERY claerly including the holocausts that have taken place afterwards (Khmer Rouge, Stalin's camps, Ceaucesco, Mao's so-called cultural revolution, to name just a few) and those that are still on-going to this day (death camps in North Korea) and the world just looks on. People say "how could it have happened, why did nobody do anything?" but it stil happens to this day and nobody bats an eyelid. To think that, by gaining a qualification in "
    WW holocust-ism" would in any way prevent such atrocities from repeating themselves is naive. It's happening today, and again the world's leaders look on.That is the lesson that must be learned.

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    17 July, 2009


  • Won't the 2009 films Valkyrie, The boy in the striped pajamas, The Reader, Defiance, Good, and Adam Resurrected suffice. Ha, six holocaust movies in one year!

    The propaganda spigot is on full blast!

    I'm with catnipppp.

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    19 July, 2009


  • Holocaust "Specialists?" That's pretty good, almost as good as 6 million Jews supposedly perishing in German concentration camps, actually an English invention used first in Africa. Among those "6 million" were French, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Yugoslavs and yes, even Germans themselves. Basically "anyone" who dared to speak out against Hitler, just like Israel now wants international law to imprison "anyone" who even dares question their view on what happened. When someone is that afraid of a differing opinion, it basically verifies that their version is falsified or fabricated. I don't believe that anyone would deny that concentration camps existed, however, I have a real problem swallowing 6 million Jews died and noone else. That's just plain BS. Maybe we need our schools to make the book The myth of the six million and The Holocaust Industry by Norman Finkelstein, a Jew himself, required reading for our kids, for it would sure open their eyes. Or the documentary DVD of David Cole, an American/Jewish historian who interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper, a Pole, at Auschwitz. All these are available from
    Once you see and read these, it becomes all too clear what a Jew not too long ago said, "There's no business like Shoah business". And money is what it's all about, money for Israel, and you can bet they don't want anyone upsetting that apple cart. They've got the goose that's laying the golden egg for Israel and that goose exploits the Jewish suffering in WWII. In order for business to continue "as usual", we need to brainwash our kids right from the get go as to the Jewish version of WWII, and that's where the new generation of brainwashed teachers comes in. In the meantime, the American Jewish run flim industry keeps puking out their propaganda movies to back up the BS being taught in our schools. Quite a racket, isn't it?

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    19 July, 2009


  • It’s ironic that the people commenting here denying the Holocaust, seem to be the most disappointed that it didn

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    20 July, 2009


  • Historical Revisionsts are, in fact, geniuses - visionaries who, despite their apparent lack of qualification, have managed to develop a whole new methodology for determining historical truth.
    Their only shortcoming is their failure to apply this methodology more extensively. Not only the Holocaust, but the whole of World War II must be re-examined with these new tools of inquiry. In fact, now that revisionism has come of age, why shouldn’t every historical event be subjected to its scrutiny? And why restrict this methodology to the discipline of history when there are so many other areas of knowledge that cling to dogmas derived from the worn-out, ivory-tower standards of academic responsibility. We believe it is a sin to confine revisionism to one solitary issue in one discipline when it could be used to uncover valuable new truths in so many other fields of human endeavour.

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    20 July, 2009


  • I do not agree that state education should be held hostage to the propaganda agenda of a select few. State education should reflect the wishes of the State as elected by the democratic majority. I sincerely doubt that the majority of parents and teachers and the public at large wish to give the Holocaust this sort of prominence. Private Jewish schools who are not funded by the state should be free, within limits, to set their own syllabus regarding the history of the Holocaust. But let us always remember that the Holocaust is very recent history and does not enjoy the objectivity that real history enjoys. Personally I think it is too soon to consider the Holocaust in particular as history per se. Perhaps the Holocaust should be considered within the framework of genocide in general.

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    20 July, 2009


  • Lest we forget...

    Reparations Agreement between Israel and West Germany

    "Despite the protests, [Opposition to the agreement came from both the right (Herut and the General Zionists) and the left (Mapam) of the political spectrum; both sides argued that accepting reparation payments was the equivalent of forgiving the Nazis for their crimes.] the agreement was signed in September of that year [1952], and West Germany paid Israel a sum of 3 billion marks over the next fourteen years; 450 million marks were paid to the World Jewish Congress. The payments were made to the State of Israel as the heir to those victims who had no surviving family. The money was invested in the country's infrastructure and played an important role in establishing the economy of the new state. The reparations would become a decisive part of Israel's income, comprising as high as 87.5% of the state income in 1956."

    - Wikipedia

    Admittedly no amount of money can pay for loss of human life, slavery and worse. However it does not seem right that you can demand reparations with the one hand and continuously lecture on the Holocaust with the other. In this case Herut and Mapam were right and they should never have accepted the money.

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    20 July, 2009


  • The Holocaust belongs to ALL OF US, as does Pol Pot's Holocaust, Stalin's and Mao's among many others. We have a duty to understand how evil man can be to man with little provocation other than greed, hate and ignorance. So I welcome study of the Nazi Holocaust of Jews in England. But then, if it is only to become part of the Holocaust Industry that serves to scare Jews into a mental ghetto and to stampede in panic to Israel with all their wealth, then it is criminal, not to speak of a twisted lie; after all, it was the Zionists who played foot-loose with the Nazis while the Jews of Europe were in peril. OUR JEWS ARE OURS, citizens of equal-- if not often greater-- national value than most of us. This Israeli attempt to put them forward as "dual"-- Israel's Ambassador to the US, for example, has BOTH American and Israeli citizenship!-- only begets the "Fifth Column" charge that fascists make. If Holocaust studies are meant to make Jews submissive in fear and we who are called "dumb Goyim" submissive in guilt, then it is the fraud of the century and a sacrilegious abuse of the victims' dignity. It should be fought tooth and nail. As a fighter against Communism all my life, I now only want the TRUTH-- even if it puts to lie what I always believed. TRUTH is our best weapon against tragic error. Holocaust as a propaganda tool is like the garbage that East Europe suffered under in the era of Stalin.

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    22 July, 2009


  • Just a quick note for the shills - questioning the holocaust is NOT anti-semitic in the slightest, its an earnest quest for the truth, and the truth does not need laws to protect it, much of the dogma has had to be re-evaluated, witness the plaques at Auschwitz, revised from from 4million down to 1.5million proving that the push for accuracy is entirely legitimate - surely there

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    22 July, 2009


  • You are not questioning the Holocaust qualitatively in your post, Free_Zundel, but the quantitative figures. That, I believe is legitimate and deserves discussion; otherwise we will not understand the Holocaust if we leave it as merely whatever the Holocaust Industry wishes it to be in its persecution of Norman Finklestein. But far more important than numbers is that, as they realized that they are irreversibly losing the war, the Nazis decided to kill as many Jews and East Euro "sub-humans" as possible as a sort of consolation prize-- this is over and above all the people they mercilessly executed previously. Towards that end, we had the first dispassionate industrial killing of people, matched only by the Soviet- Chicom less technological industrial killing using inanition. Of course, a lot of today

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    23 July, 2009


  • You are not questioning the Holocaust qualitatively in your post, Free_Zundel, but the quantitative figures. That, I believe is legitimate and deserves discussion; otherwise we will not understand the Holocaust if we leave it as merely whatever the Holocaust Industry wishes it to be in its persecution of Norman Finklestein. But far more important than numbers is that, as they realized that they are irreversibly losing the war, the Nazis decided to kill as many Jews and East Euro "sub-humans" as possible as a sort of consolation prize-- this is over and above all the people they mercilessly executed previously. Towards that end, we had the first dispassionate industrial killing of people, matched only by the Soviet- Chicom less technological industrial killing using inanition. Of course, a lot of today's once-Soviet-now-Zionists were in on that Communist Holocaust and cared little for the fate of Europe's Jews. The record of Nazi-Zionist collaboration and the name given to its IRON WALL advocates by a leading Zionist: ZIONAZIES, to the use of Wehrmacht-like tactics killing Palestinians in order to make them "disappear" are now also historic record. All this is covered up by the Holocaust Industry-- which more backfired in that if fueled Holocaust denial. It may be that the "industrial" killing involved far lower numbers than the number of victims on whom disease did the job for the Nazis so much better than gas, given the urban well-off nature of many of the victims. But that doesn't change the fact of industrialization of killing, just as Hiroshima and Nagasaki to this day look like "Jap" genocide more than "saving American lives" using a "wonderful" new technology. Pol Pot's massive use of plastic bags is no match for Nazi industrial killing of people as if they were vermin to be eradicated. It is that view of them as vermin which so upset European and American Jews that thought themselves so well assimilated and is exploited by "Jewish race purity myth-makers" like Abe Foxman-- who excused his lack of "fighting anti-Zionism" because he was too busy "fighting assimilation" of Jews into American society. Dangerous grist for the Holocaust denial mill is constantly fed by the Holocaust Industry; but it is undeniable that the industrial killing of truth by it is much like the industrial killing of Jews, reality not to be denied. One need not be called a "shill" for affirming this fact. Now a new approach seems to be taken: that of Holocaustizing the manual killing of Jews that preceded its industrialization.
    Much as then, numbers are pulled out of thin air and feeding the Holocaust doubters' web sites because it looks like the new Holocaust Industry dogma is the killing of Polish Orthodox Jews (easily distinguished) then and there where caught in Poland, with MOST of the Jews killed manually before gas chambers were ever considered, ONCE AGAIN PULLING NUMBERS OUT OF THIN AIR. That kind of killing scarred my childhood and, as the author points out, characterized both German and Russian warfare against civilians (with a long historic tradition). We know from excellent studies that hand killing becomes repulsive to even the most avid at the outset. Much like rape, it feels good when high but feels disgusting as you come down. What is most horrible, because we see it to this day, is the "whittling" down of populations for political reasons as in the case of Palestinians and in Uganda. Whether in Serbian hands or in Israeli hands it moves us to outrage and eventually to action (except when both perpetrators and victims are both Africans). But events like Beirut 2006 and Gaza 2008 enjoy a unique cover-up umbrella: the Holocaust Industry.

    And here is why I support HOLOCAUST STUDIES. To my mind, wherever you go MAN IS WOLF TO MAN and needs civilizing lest he destroy his species. Most historians seem to agree that Holocausts desperately need study for, as Santayana said, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Therein is my revulsion to Holocaust Deniers, a revulsion shared by my 91 years old mother who saw a lot of it in Poland during the German occupation. Only now does she open up about it in outraged response to open deniers. But I admit, THOUGH THE HOLOCAUST IS AN UNDENIABLE FACT ( the indifferent industrial massacre of peoples), the Holocaust INDUSTRY is a criminal abuse of fact to cover other massacres and thus creating doubt about the vitally important real Holocaust that cannot be denied because it must be better understood. Those who argue over the evidence cannot, in my mind, be persecuted in a democracy. But those who deny the Holocaust deserve either a good debate or total disregard if they refuse. There the issue is Holocaust, yes or no? But educationally it has to be Holocaust, HOW and WHY? The better we understand man's murderous nature, the better we can prevent another Holocaust. For example, there seems to be universal condemnation of cannibalism-- though US for-profit health care is exactly that-- but mass murder still always seems to be excused as "necessary." If the Holocaust Education Project helps us to become universally anti-Holocaust as we are anti-cannibalism, then it will play a critical role in our education and I welcome it. But if it is a morphing product of current necessity and propagandistic imagination, then I think it a crime because it covers-up a horrible crime: HOLOCAUST. That philosophy, I would argue, DOES NOT make me a "shill."

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    23 July, 2009


  • Does the obsession with the evils of the past not ensure their re-emergence in the future?

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    26 July, 2009


  • II'd Like to see Bonjour support since i work for a Large design firm and we have a lot of Mac's this way we can communicate through our design processes with the project managers. This is the only thing preventing us from dropping pidgin for digsby on the PC's

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    4 November, 2009


  • Let me take a moment to illustrate what you're witnessing. There have been many who believe in holocaust revisionism who debate the total number of Jewish deaths. Any time you debate with anyone facts and figures that are unknown you put yourself in a position to have someone passionately correct you. Because the actual damage of the Holocaust has never been exactly totaled this allowed those who claim to be victims and family of to swear they were being persecuted because you gentiles didn't believe. And it allows them to say because you continue to debate you're against them. And it gives them the authority to claim (whether rational or not, whether contrived or coincidence) you will do this atrocity to them yet again.

    The REAL answer is this. You don't know. If we continually tell those who demand we believe in their research just say you don't know and you weren't there. Not that you don't care, not that you do. You don't remember, you don't engage. If you don't engage you do NOT give someone the right to force you to see their sudden "correct" information. I was not there.

    Furthermore we need to start claiming the holocaust as OUR holocaust. Not the Jewish only. Many others died. Many people make the mistake of saying "well Christians died too." wrong to say. When the subject of Jews is brought up, as Gentiles we are to say "I'm not sure how many of US died" It's OUR Holocaust as gentiles. Not as Christians, Muslims, Protestants, Polish, English, White, Black. The segregation denominates down to two categories and that is Jews / Gentiles. It WAS our holocaust.

    If we begin referring to it as OUR holocaust we remove the overwhelming power it has. We also remove the chance of being called anti-semetic due to our views should we debate the total loss of Jews. But merely say when the subject comes up.

    "I wasn't there, I don't remember. But I'd like to know how many total died. Because a Gentile that was OUR holocaust too."

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    21 November, 2010


  • "onethirdoftheholocaustcom/Buc­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­…? GOOGLE IT
    The Persecution of? Revisionists?? -? The? Holocaust???? Unveiled...ON YOUTUBE?

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

    22 September, 2013


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