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Teacher's porn: 'two clicks' from pupils

News | Published in TES Newspaper on 17 September, 2010 | By: Darren Evans

Reprimand but no ban for woman who performed in sex tapes sold on the internet

A primary teacher has been reprimanded after homemade pornography - some of which was sold on the internet - was found on her school laptop.

Jane Moyle’s classroom computer was found to contain nine videos and 12 images of her engaging in sex acts with her husband, Colin, who previously taught law at a secondary school. The hardcore content was just “two clicks away” from being seen by pupils, a disciplinary panel was told.

Some of the videos were for sale on a website under the title My Sexy Secretary’s Blow Jobs. The computer had also been used to visit a website selling pornographic clips, where a further 80 graphic videos featuring Mrs Moyle were found.

The mother of three was dismissed from Ysgol Y Graig Primary School, Merthyr Tydfil for gross misconduct in January 2009. Last week, a General Teaching Council for Wales disciplinary committee found Mrs Moyle guilty of unacceptable professional conduct, but did not ban her from the classroom.

Mr Moyle was working at Heolddu comprehensive school in Bargoed, Caerphilly, as a law instructor at the time of the incident and resigned in May 2009. But because he was not a registered teacher he will not face any disciplinary action via the GTCW.

The committee accepted Mrs Moyle’s claim that the material was uploaded without her knowledge by her husband, who was suffering from depression, but said the laptop was ultimately her responsibility.

The material was discovered by IT technicians at Merthyr Tydfil council in December 2008 after Mrs Moyle reported a fault with her laptop.

Colin Mahoney, a counter-fraud manager with Merthyr Tydfil council, said: “There was no password. Anyone could have accessed the images in two clicks.”

Mr Mahoney could not say whether the laptop was ever used by pupils or left unattended, but said it was kept in the classroom during school time. He said anyone viewing the images would have been able to identify Mrs Moyle.

Technicians also found hundreds of illegally downloaded music files and an illegally downloaded copy of the film Mamma Mia!, as well as 1,000 family photographs and video-editing software, none of which was permitted on a school laptop.

Gareth Morgan Jones, former vice chair of governors at Ysgol Y Graig, who chaired Mrs Moyle’s disciplinary hearing, said: “She was a willing and informed participant in the making and sale of the material.”

Clive Tovey, a former governor of Ysgol Y Graig who chaired Mrs Moyle’s unsuccessful appeal hearing in April 2009, said her actions “in such a small Welsh village, would have brought the school into disrepute”.

Tom Williams, head of the school at the time, said Mrs Moyle was a good teacher and described her as “gregarious, outgoing and sociable”.

Committee chair Jacqui Turnbull said her failure to monitor her laptop was a “serious lapse of professional judgment”. But she said Mrs Moyle’s actions were “naive, not deliberate”. The reprimand will remain on her file for two years.

Paying the penalty: Those who overstepped the mark

- James Cooney, who taught at Sandfields Comprehensive in Port Talbot, received a two-year reprimand after accidentally showing pornography to pupils when using his personal laptop to play a DVD.

- Sean Riordan, who taught at Chamberlayne College for the Arts in Southampton, was suspended for 18 months after talking to pupils about porn, prostitution and sex.

- Andrew Miles, an IT teacher at Unity College in Northampton, a Christian school, received a six-month ban for running a pornography business in his spare time.


  • Original headline: Primary teacher’s home-made porn was ‘two clicks away’ from discovery by pupils

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Comment (8)

  • I think that she should not be allowed to teach in another school for a very long time. She is a risk and should be placed on the sex offenders register.

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    19 September, 2010


  • Sex offender? For having sex with her husband? In that case, every married woman should have her children taken from her. How pathetic!

    This woman is guilty of very poor judgement. If she wishes to engage in those activities that is her choice. To use her work laptop is stupid.
    Why are teachers expected to be saints, especially female teachers. I notice that nothing happened to her husband even though he is a teacher too.

    Teachers are not perfect and are merely human. As long as their behaviour does not affect their job I do not see what the issue is. Personally, I think such activities are very private and would never sell such things but people get their kicks in different ways.

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

    20 September, 2010


  • If her videos were really only two clicks away from students, then she should be reprimanded for poor judgment, then promptly promoted to an ICT Integrator position.

    As a tech savvy individual working in Australian high schools, my experience is that regardless of how prepared your lesson is, NOTHING is ever merely two clicks away.

    If networks and technology in your schools work smoothly where nothing, even the shocking and inappropriate is never more than two clicks away (as opposed to our 10+), please come to Australia and teach us how you do it.

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

    20 September, 2010


  • "gregarious, outgoing and sociable” - she's obviously too sociable for her own good !

    Can't help wondering what would have happened if she had been a bloke.

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

    20 September, 2010


  • Surely to goodness, teachers are allowed to do what they like, within the bounds of the law, within their own private lives. What is the problem?

    Clearly, it is isn't right to talk to pupils about porn, prostitution or sex.

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

    22 September, 2010


  • I spoke to my year 11 class today about porn, prostitutes and sex as we were discussing Christian attitudes to sex outside of marriage and moral perspectives. I can't see anything wrong with that. I can only presume that the teacher in Northampton wasn't talking about it in an appropriate way.

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    22 September, 2010


  • Rugbylad - I talk about porn, prostitutes and sex fairly regularly too, but it features pretty heavily on our Philosophy & Ethics courses for S3-S4. It should be pretty obvious to teachers where 'the line' is with regard to maintaining professionalism. If it isn't obvious, then the guidance produced by the GTC - particularly the GTCW, perhaps isn't as patronising as the unions have made out!

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    24 September, 2010


  • When a parent leaves her child at school in the care of another adult, she should be able to presume that adult is highly qualified, self disciplined and morally unimpeachable. Without that level of confidence, how can any of us ever walk away and leave the most vulnerable members of our society in the hands of possible perverted, lazy, or under qualified riff-raff who only took the job because they like long Summer vacations.

    This teacher should be dismissed, and the administrative staff needs to revisit their teacher's contracts to make sure their staff understands the high level of conduct to which they are held accountable.

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

    8 April, 2012


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