10 things to check in your overseas contract

It’s time to examine your contract to ensure you get the best deal. Ken McAdam of the teachers’ union ATL provides a key checklist to ensure your move abroad is plain sailing:

  • If you need a work permit or visa, find out who is expected to provide this
  • Read your job description or teacher’s duties to know what is expected of you
  • Find out how much you will be paid and in which currency. Once you know the exchange rate, you can work out how much you will earn
  • Check whether you have to pay any kind of tax and how much. Contracts in the Middle East usually mean that salaries are tax-free enabling teachers to make huge savings.
  • Have a look at your contract to see if your flights to and from the country will be paid for by your employers
  • Find out if accommodation is provided and at what cost
  • A large empty flat will be of little use to you so check to see if furniture is included and at what cost, if any
  • If you fall ill you will need to know that medical bills will be paid for, so make sure there is medical cover in your contract
  • Teaching, wherever you are, is demanding and you’ll definitely need a break so check how much leave you are entitled to and whether it will be paid.
  • You might be eager to see friends and family during school holidays, but you’ll need to check whether you are allowed to leave the country and if you will need a re-entry permit.
  • When the patter of tiny feet is imminent, you will need to know if you are entitled to maternity leave and if so whether it is paid

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