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Collection of all the 2DIY resources entered into the competition

2Do It Yourself

Interactive Flash resources, activities, games, puzzles and
quizzes made using 2Simple’s 2Do It Yourself (2DIY) software.

The winners of the TES Connect and 2Simple 2DIY competition have now been announced!

The winning entry Seaside holiday activities , was created by Simon_H who will receive a laptop installed with 2Simple sofware.

The 2nd prize (a digital photo frame and a copy of 2Simple’s Photo Simple) was awarded to Melbowden for her Spreadsheets activity .

Congratulations to Simon and Mel and many thanks to all those who entered and shared their wonderful 2DIY interactive activities, games, puzzles and quizzes with the TES community.


  • Solar System activity Several activities that test a pupils knowledge of the planets within the solar system.
  • Rock pooling game How many sea creatures can you collect in 1 minute in this 2DIY game?
  • 2DIY Bones of the body Match the name of 10 bones within the human skeleton to the correct position on the image.
  • 2DIY St. Lucia game 4 level game: label a map, sort out photos then answer multiple-choice questions.
  • Collecting flowers The girl has to collect the flowers and gets beeped when she tries to get the toys.

PSHE / History

  • Bike maze Guide the bike round the maze to reach home safely.
  • Bike check Label the parts of the bike that you should check every time you use it.
  • Control around us Turn over the cards and match each button with the object it controls.
  • Sun safety game Help the boy collect everything he needs to stay safe in the sun.

Maths / Literacy

  • Magnetic letters Drag the letters onto the board to create your own words and phrases.
  • 2DIY Tangram puzzle Move the tangram pieces around to make up different designs in this 2DIY game.
  • 2DIY Telling the time Two clock faces with drag and drop numbers and hands, to practice telling the time.
  • Spreadsheets To help years 5 & 6 learn about spreadsheets whilst having fun.
  • Kate's numbers Game designed specifically to help number recognition.

More games and puzzles

  • Dragon slayer Guide George around the forest so that he can reach the dragon and slay it.
  • Food pairs Simple game to match nouns of food objects in French with a picture.
  • Book worm Use the arrow keys to move the hungry worm around so that he can munch on the books!
  • Holiday airport Use the arrow keys to guide the plane down safely and land it at the airport.
  • Skiing game Use the arrow keys to guide the skier down the slope and through each of the 12 flags.