A-level results day and clearing

Advice, news and resources for A-level results day and clearing 2013.

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Need advice about the clearing process? Watch a replay of journalists and clearing experts answering questions on clearing and adjustment.

Advice and practical support

Geoff Barton: 'My impression is that students who should have an A* or A have got a grade lower.'

  • Headteacher and TES columnist shares his results day experience.

A-level results day: Hold your breath, make a wish, count to six…

  • Times Higher Education editor John Gill on why this year’s A-level cohort may find themselves with a golden ticket this Thursday.

‘It slapped me right in the face’

  • Clearing is difficult, but it’s not the end of the world, says a former A-level student.

'I went from crying my eyes out to screaming with joy'

  • A current university student shares their experience of clearing.

Two outcomes, one result

  • Not getting the results doesn’t mean not going to university.

Clearing: Frequently asked questions

  • Guidance and tips for students, teachers and parents.

Clearing advice: ABB for 2013

  • Times Higher Education's guide to the new government policy that could affect your results day.

Terminator A2: Judgement Day

  • Tom Bennett chronicles the stresses and strains of being an A-level teacher.

Practical support for managing your mental health

  • A handy list of links, resources and support networks that you can lean on if the pressure of results day is weighing heavy on you.


University clearing flowchart

  • This simple flowchart explains the options and pathways open to A-level students after receiving their results.

TES news podcast - the A-level results special

  • The TES news team discusses the A-level results and this week's magazine cover story.

A-level results and clearing podcast

  • Journalists from the TES and THE discuss the biggest A-level stories in the run up to results day.

Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings

  • Find out which universities are considered to be the best by academics worldwide.

Preparing for results

  • If you're waiting for exam results, be prepared for results day and get to know what happens next.

Next steps after results

  • Want to know what happens after getting your results? Watch UCAStv's guide to your next steps.

Starting uni or college

  • Got your place? Find out what to pack, how to meet people and what to expect from freshers' week.


  • If you don't get the grades you need or apply late, you can use clearing to find a course at university or college. This guide explains what you need to do.

News from the TES

Conservatives claim credit for ending A-level grade inflation

  • Ministers have welcomed the continuing revival of the science and maths A levels and effectively claimed credit for the end of grade inflation.

Exam boards to investigate collapse in A-level languages take-up

  • Exam boards are to begin a joint investigation into the decline in modern foreign language A-level entries and why it appears particularly difficult to achieve a top grade in the subjects.

Blackburn College's £5k gamble on students' A-level success pays off

  • It wasn’t just the students at Blackburn College who had cause to celebrate its impressive 99 per cent A-level pass rate today.

Grade inflation is over: Top A-level grades down for second year running

  • The proportion of pupils achieving top A-level grades has fallen for the second consecutive year, it was announced today.

Top independent schools plan to ditch A levels because of Gove reforms

  • Elite independent schools are planning to avoid controversial government A-level reforms by abandoning the domestic version of the qualification in favour of an international alternative.

A-level reform: View from the sixth form

  • One student awaiting AS results: 'Linear A-levels would benefit some but leave others disheartened'.

Rapid A-level reform is branded a 'huge gamble'

  • ‘High risk’ timetable may lead to invalid results, elite schools warn.

Examinations - Unease over England’s reformed exams spreads

  • Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man may sever link to English system.

News from the THE

A-level grade deflation continues but university acceptances up

  • The number of students accepted onto university courses is up 9 per cent despite a fall in the number of top grades awarded at A level.

A levels: remaking the grades

  • Will Michael Gove’s reform plans endanger the traditional values he seeks to promote?

Why exam results are getting better all the time

  • Yearly improvements are an inevitable by-product of social progress, says Gary Thomas

Girls score higher than male coursemates on Ucas points

  • But data show that grades in each subject may be rather more equal.

National Student Survey sees Bath come top

  • Undergraduates at the University of Bath are the most satisfied students in the UK, according to the latest National Student Survey.

In fight to fill places, all bets are off

  • Observers predict admissions turmoil as Russell Group members join clearing.

Ucas says cloud will keep it safe from results day storm

  • Revamped IT systems are ready for admissions deluge, states Mary Curnock Cook.

Applications bounce back

  • More than 19,000 extra students have applied to university this year compared to 2012, new figures show.

External links

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas)

  • Get advice, information and helpful contacts from the central organisation for university applications.

TES Growing Ambitions

  • Find out about alternatives to university study, including apprenticeships, gap years and full-time employment

Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings

  • Find out which universities are considered to be the best by academics worldwide.


EdExcel AS and A2 results

  • Drama teachers discuss their schools' unusual results.

A Head of Department's tasks on results day

  • TES Connect careers adviser Theo Griff gives advice on what to expect on results day.