A-level results day: News, opinion and analysis

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Join us for the latest news, opinion and reaction to today's A-level results.

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News from the TES

Extended project overtakes geography and sociology after six-fold rise in entries

  • The qualification designed to develop sixth-formers’ independent learning and research skills has bucked the trend of falling A-level entry numbers with its fifth consecutive rise in entries

Are tutorial-style lessons the key to A-level success?

  • A student and his tutor discuss how a new scheme has helped him achieve his AS-level grades

Entries drop as cash-strapped schools cut provision

  • School and colleges are cutting their provision by offering three A-levels instead of four in a bid to protect themselves from funding cuts, A-level results suggest

Maths overtakes English to become most popular subject

  • Maths has overtaken English for the first time in more than a decade to become the most popular A-level taken this year

A-level results 2014: A* grades rise, but overall results drop

  • The proportion of A-level exams awarded the top A* grade unexpectedly rose this year, results released this morning reveal

The stress of A-level results is felt by teachers as well as students

  • Government reforms and worries over pupils said to contribute to pressure

Hitler and the Henrys still dominate A-level history

  • Popular topics head Cambridge Assessment list of most commonly studied choices

A-levels: Biography of a baby boomer

  • The long life and turbulent times of one of the world’s oldest school qualifications

Burnout, anxiety…and that’s just the staff

  • As results day looms, schools fear fallout of ‘unprecedented’ reforms

A-levels: Half of university hopefuls have no back-up plan

  • Poll by Which? University finds that students getting their A-level results are ill-prepared and ill-informed

Ofqual chief warns of exam results rollercoaster

  • Schools can expect to see much greater than normal variation in this summer’s GCSE and A-level exam results, says Glenys Stacey

Fall in A-level English entries blamed on 2012 GCSE 'fiasco'

  • Figures released by the Joint Council for Qualifications show fewer students entered English this year than in previous years

Opinion from the TES

‘We're not an exam factory and A-levels weren’t designed for robots. I’d be surprised if there were no surprises’

  • Geoff Barton, headteacher of King Edward VI School in Bury St Edmunds, comments on A-level results day

'This morning's A-level results are a big win for teachers, not a green light for more meddling'

  • TES editor Ann Mroz on why results day is a reflection of the dedication of the teaching profession

‘Many questions about future A-levels remain unanswered, leading to confusion among schools’

  • Kevin Stannard, director of innovation and development at the Girls’ Day School Trust, writes about the uncertainty over qualification reform

‘A-level students can achieve extraordinary things with practical research projects, given the chance’

  • Mat Hickman outlines a new scheme from the Wellcome Trust designed to encourage students to extend their Stem studies

Opinion: Without a pilot, exams will crash and burn

  • Trials of new qualifications are essential, as the disaster in 2000 proved. So why are we making the same mistake again?