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August 2012

Monday 6th


  • (1991) Tim Berners-Lee publishes the first website, Info.cern.ch, marking the beginning of the world wide web. Twenty-one years later, debate whether the internet should be regulated with instituteofideas’ guide.
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Tuesday 7th

The man on a wire

  • (1974) Philippe Petit breaches security at New York’s World Trade Center to walk on a high wire between the twin towers – 417 metres up. Try princesspunka’s reading plan to introduce pupils to Petit’s death-defying feat.
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Wednesday 8th

Big steal

  • (1963) The Great Train Robbery sees 15 men steal £2.6 million at Bridego Railway Bridge in Buckinghamshire. Three are never found and two of those convicted escape. Use imwells’ newspaper report lesson to get pupils writing their own story.
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Thursday 9th

Country folk

  • International Day of the World’s Indigenous People recognises the achievements of ethnic groups whose ancestors lived in their country pre-colonisation. Find out how Native Americans live in the USA today with this presentation from SophySoph.
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Friday 10th


  • Hindus celebrate the birth of the warrior, hero, teacher and philosopher Krishna with sleep deprivation, milk and curds, and singing. People also decorate images of the deity. Watch a video from BBC Class Clips for a journey through Janmashtami celebrations.
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Saturday 11th

Total eclipse

  • (1999) The last solar eclipse of the 20th century is watched by nearly 350 million people in Europe and Asia. Try James Ellor’s introduction to the science and legends of the phenomenon.
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Sunday 12th

Finish line

  • The London 2012 Olympic games end, 15 days before the Paralympics begin. Take a look at the TES Paralympics collection for lots of activities to keep the sporting theme running into the start of term.