Anti-bullying teaching resources

Statistics predict that more than two-thirds of children are affected by bullying at some point. Our free collection of anti-bullying resources link with Anti-bullying Week (17-21 November) and can be used by teachers and professionals to support the children and young people they work with. These Teachers TV videos, teaching resources and lesson plans will help you to encourage young people to put a stop to bullying.

Videos from Teachers TV

Tackling bullying

This programme looks at research into bullying that considered how children think bullying could be tackled better.

Bullying: How do they do it in Norway?

Find out why the anti-bullying approach being pioneered in Norway is so successful.

What is sexual bullying?

An informative introduction to the issue of sexual bullying; this video is designed to get teenage students thinking about what sexual bullying is and how it can make others feel.

Homophobia and bullying

In this video, a teenager shares his personal experience of homophobic bullying.

Appearance and bullying

This video explores how differences in appearance can trigger bulling and suggests ways to combat bullies.

Disability and bullying

This case study looks at the story of a 15-year-old boy who was bullied for his disability and race.

Difference and bullying

This video shows how extreme bullying lead to one boy’s self-harming.

Violence and bullying

Use this video to show your students the effects that physical bullying can have, showing one teenager’s story.

Girls bullying

Experts explore the problem of girls bullying other girls in this video, and give tips on how to identify the symptoms and tackle the causes.

Other videos

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