Arbor Day

An American celebration of trees, Arbor Day (27 April) is a day to nurture the local landscape, plant seeds and colour the future of tomorrow’s world. These hand-picked Elementary resources give advice on seed sowing, tree planting and help pupils understand why they should care about trees.

Themes about trees

Learning through Landscapes offer advice and creative ideas for teaching through trees.

Stem sleuths

Get outside, get dirty and get investigating with these fun tree tasks.

The secret life of trees

Peek into the life of trees- see what is underneath their bark, inside their leaves and buried beneath the ground with the Woodland Trust’s activity pack.

Foliage further afield

What about planting in the Rainforest? Explore deforestation, endangered species and why helping further afield is as important as the local landscape.

Tree ties

Not sure how to get planting? This simple advice from the Woodland Trust will help get you started.

Close up calculating

Build relationships with trees while getting pupils mathematical with this data handling, area and perimeter topiary themed lesson.

Global bingo

Help pupils understand the effects of deforestation in a fun but factual way with this bingo game.

Picture a tree

Beautiful tree pictures to help pupils identify the foliage that surrounds them.

Save our tree song

Explore the meaning behind this protest song and consider why trees are so important.