Assemblies Autumn Collection

Assembly a day

Tommorow's assembly




New beginnings

  • Inspire new starters with these stories of success.

Live life to the full

  • This video can be reused throughout the year and is a great resource for helping students understand what will make them happy and successful.

Attendance impact

  • These hard-hitting statistics show students the effect of regular truancy.

Building blocks to learning

  • Explain to your students what is needed for a positive school experience.

Grace Darling

  • Explore the story of this exceptional young girl - it is a lesson in bravery and kindness.



  • Explore the story of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt with this pictorial presentation.

World Animal Week (Oct 4-10)

  • Let students show their understanding of how animals adapt with this assembly script and song.

World Space Week (Oct 4-10)

  • Go on a galactic journey with this space assembly script and turn your hall into an animated Milky Way.

Dragonese day

  • Drop lessons and assembly altogether today and opt for a traditional Viking celebration for Dragonese day. Here's a cross-curricular pack to get started.

Jean 4 Genes Day

  • Don a pair of jeans and discuss biological genes with this science assembly script.


What a Guy!

  • It's Bonfire Night tonight; help pupils stay safe and introduce them to the tale of the original fire starter: Guy Fawkes.

National School Meal Week

  • Food for thought and thoughts of food are the focus of this NSMW. This resource will inspire a change in eating habits and help your pupils experiment with new foods.

Robin Hood NOTE there is more than 1 link for this resource

  • There is always more than one side to a story, as these resources prove.

Precious friends

  • If cliques are beginning to form and some students are feeling left out, try this resource and get your pupils focused on friendships.

Rememberance Day

  • Help pupils understand why they should give a minute's silence today to honour those who have died in wars.


Red Ribbon

  • Saturday was World Aids Day. Explore the significance of the red ribbon and discuss the issues around Aids with this assembly.


  • Start the Christmas season by explaining Advent and create a whole school wreath for display.

St Nick

  • Who is St Nicholas and why is he celebrated? Discover the answers with this visual presentation.

Time for giving

  • Move away from Christmas wish-lists and instead get reflective and think about helping others with the "Time for Giving" assemblies - there's one for each week of advent. This assembly focuses on those lucky to be alive and is from the British Red Cross.


  • The Jewish Festival of Lights starts tomorrow. Celebrate, explore the customs and share the stories around this occasion with this assembly.