Assembly a day for the new term

Assembly a day for the new term

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Eliminate violence against women

  • Today is an international day dedicated to recognising and stopping violence against women. Use this assembly to help students understand how to stand up and speak out against violent crime.

November assemblies

22 Do you intervene?

  • This assembly will help put the story of the Good Samaritan into a modern context.

26 National Tree Week

  • This week is a great excuse to encourage students to get outside and to plant trees. Get started with this naturedetectives assembly.

27 Magical potions

  • Bring a hint of Hogwarts into your school by showing your students that science is magic.

28 Thanksgiving

  • Enlighten students about Thanksgiving festivities in the USA with the story of the original Pilgrims.

29 St Andrew’s Day

  • Follow the journey of the patron saint of Scotland with this informative presentation.

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