Assembly a day for the new term

Assembly a day for the new term

Assembly a day for the new term

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  • This lovely series of quotes emphasises the value of friendship.

February assemblies

1 LBGT month

  • Explore actions that could be considered homophobic and encourage students to discuss different types of prejudice with this PowerPoint.

4 World Cancer Day

  • Help students understand the risk factors that can increase their chance of getting cancer with this foodafactoflife assembly.

5 Spend or save

  • Promote the importance of being thrifty with this assembly on money matters.

6 Be prepared

  • Would your students know what to do in an emergency? Help them be ready for anything.

7 Dickens' birthday

  • From Nicholas Nickleby to Oliver Twist, explore the characters of Charles Dickens' books and explore his life and legacy.

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March assemblies

1 Saint David's Day

  • Celebrate Saint David's Day with this PowerPoint presentation about Wales' patron saint.

4 Start of Climate Week 2013

  • Mark Climate Week with this video and assembly ideas to help bring an important issue to the fore.

6 World Maths Day

  • Inspire future mathematicians with this assembly celebrating genius mathematicians that changed the world.

7 World Book Day

  • Read aloud this lovely poem promoting the value of reading on World Book Day.

8 International Women's Day 2013

  • A beautifully put together collection of 21 PowerPoint slides of over 21 ways to get your school engaged with International Women's Day.

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