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First day back to school activities, resources, teaching ideas, games and assemblies. Find lesson plans, tips and advice for the classroom.

Back-to-school resources

Prepare for the new school year with our favourite back-to-school resources. Transition effortlessly between holiday mode and the classroom with this selection of posters, getting to know you activities, reward schemes, target setting reminders and start-of-term assemblies. We've hand-picked the top five resources across five back-to-school themes to help you get organised and equipped for the next academic year.

First day back resources

1. Matching peg and drawer labels
Useful matching labels for cloakroom pegs and classroom drawers.

2. Punctuation display posters
A set of colourful posters highlighting the different types of punctuation.

3. Times table posters
A set of colourful posters showing times tables from one to 12.

4. Star tokens
Get students collecting star tokens for excelling in the classroom.

5. Real life maths displays
Create your own wall displays showing maths in action in the outside world using this resource pack.

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Behaviour management strategies

Back-to-school games: meeting your new class

1. 50 ideas for meeting your new class
Activities to do when meeting your new class either on a transition day or for the first day of term.

2. All about me
This introduction booklet for students to fill in is very useful for transition to a new class.

3. Classroom monitor/job list
This resource has you pick children's names at random – they can then choose their classroom job.

4. Class welcome letter
Explain how this year will be different from the last with this adaptable letter for children.

5. What do we know – quiz
Students puzzle over these quiz questions and build good relationships as they battle to win.

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TES iboard: First days back

Anti-Bullying advice

Back-at-school rules and rewards

1. Positive behaviour stickers
Reward good behaviour in your classroom with these colourful stickers.

2. Reward certificate
Motivators for pupils with behaviour difficulties and are adaptable to suit your needs and those of your pupils.

3. Catch them being good
This is a very useful behaviour management pack.

4. Teachers TV: Rewards and incentives
Teachers from UK schools talk about their tried and tested strategies in rewarding and praising pupils.

5. My merit card
A merit card with room for 50 standard square stickers on each page and 15 large, round stickers.

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Teaching ideas for target setting

1. Target setting
Helpful for creating achievable, challenging and measurable targets.

2. Target and goal setting: PSHE mind-map
This task encourages students to create a mind-map of their goals in and outside of school.

3. Levelled report writing statement bank
Report writing statements for a range of Early Years subjects..

4. Writing targets
Child-friendly writing targets that children can use to keep track of their progress.

5. Pupil progress file
A merit card with room for 50 standard square stickers on each page and 15 large, round stickers.

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Back-to-school assemblies

1. Building blocks to learning
A fun and easily prepared class assembly that is great for the beginning of the year.

2. Making and learning from mistakes
An assembly about how we learn from making mistakes.

3. Autumn assembly
This colourful autumn poem has images and words relevant to the season.

4. Showing assembly
A script used for an assembly highlighting the children's work.

5. Inspirational story: Grace Darling
A PowerPoint to use with early primary highlighting the important facts of Grace Darling's life.