Bastille Day collection

Vive la revolution! Bastille Day (14 July) marks the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789 – a symbolic event which many see as the beginning of the French Revolution. Extend the celebrations across the Channel to your classroom with these hand-picked resources.

Celebrations from Encyclopaedia Britannica

Encyclopaedia Britannica shares resources for a number of historical and celebratory dates, and you can explore Bastille Day through a quiz, as well as images and activities.

Bastille Day quiz

Topical article and quick quiz testing pupils’ knowledge about this historical day.

Historical words

Recap key Bastille vocabulary with this simple wordsearch.

Party photos

Transform the classroom into a celebratory hall with these wonderful photographs and discussion prompts about French festivities.

Colour-in Bonaparte

A simple colouring-in template of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Words in the crossfire

Wrap up your Bastille Day learning with this simple crossword.

Vive le Revolution

The Bastille

Explore the symbolism of the storming of the Bastille and teach students about the French Revolution’s historical resonance with this detailed history scheme of work.

Channel vision

Study the revolution through British eyes with this collection of primary sources.

A people divided

Create a classroom class system with chocolate coins and give students a sense of pre-revolutionary injustice in France with this engaging lesson.

Poverty to liberty

From the shackles of the Bastille to the freedom symbolised by Marseillaise, give pupils the full Bastille Day experience with this comprehensive PowerPoint.

Fighting for freedom

Recreate the siege of Bastille with this adaptable revolution role play.

Pre-revolutionary France

Follow Arthur Young’s description of 19th Century France and spot the discontent among the proletariat signposted in his writing.

French for France’s Fête

La Fête National

Explore France’s history and French language with this Bastille Day word search.

La Revolution Francaise

Quizzes, vocabulary and information slides introducing students to the French Revolution.

14 Juillet

This PowerPoint acts is a useful and brief introduction to la fête nationale.