Becoming a TES Content Partner

Becoming a TES Content Partner

Team up with TES and engage with the largest network of teachers in the world. We are always looking for teaching materials that can enhance our resource bank and inspire our community.

Why become a TES Content Partner?

There are several benefits to becoming a TES Content Partner:

  • Your profile will increase amongst teachers all over the world.
  • Your teaching resources will reach a larger, very targeted audience - nearly 2.5 million people use TES worldwide.
  • TES will help drive traffic to your site.
  • Free marketing of your resources in our newsletters and highlighted across the TES website.
  • You will receive valuable feedback from teachers around star rating and use of resources in the classroom.
  • You will receive weekly email stats on your resources and advice on how to increase views.

Marketing Support

We are very keen to promote your resources through our various channels, including:

  • TES website – we offer our content partners the opportunity to become a featured partner across the TES Resources website.
  • Newsletters – we include our content partners in our email updates to our members.
  • TES magazine editorial – where possible we provide the opportunity to highlight your teaching resources within the TES magazine.

How do I become a TES Content Partner?

To become a TES Content Partner, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be able to share free teaching resources on TES that can be embedded in or downloaded from the TES site. Examples: embedded video content - embedded interactive content - downloadable content;
  • As all content on TES must be free, commercial companies must have a sizeable amount of free resources available to be eligible. It is against our policy to link to any paid-for content.
  • You must include a link on your site to TES Teaching Resources. Simply copy this code:
    <a href=""">">TES Teaching Resources</a>

Please note that partnerships are agreed based on a editorial decision made by TES and are not guaranteed. The amount of resources promotion is based on the amount of content shared.

Please contact to discuss becoming a TES Content Partner.