Behaviour management resources

Every teacher needs to have effective behaviour management techniques to ensure that they provide the best learning environment for all their pupils. Use this free collection of some of the best TES resources to help you manage behaviour in your classroom.


Attendance assembly

Use this PowerPoint presentation in assembly to reinforce the importance of having good attendance at school.

Whole-school behaviour policy

This document from The National Strategies gives advice on devising a whole-school attendance policy.

Absence follow- up labels

If a student is absent, use these labels to let them know what work they need to catch up on.

School refusal

Use this sensitive resource to tackle the issue of school refusal.

Parentally- condoned absence

Teachers TV looks at how one school in Hackney is using strict measures to improve attendance.

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Classroom management

Primary class contract

Agree the classroom rules and set the boundaries with this class contract, to be signed by every pupil.

Top 10 tips

TES’s resident behavioural guru, Tom Bennett, gives his top ten tips for keeping order in the classroom.

Behavioural de-escalation

Consider the strategies for responding to and managing aggressive behaviour with this resource.

Reflective detention sheet

Employ this reflection tool to encourage students to accept responsibility for their behaviour.

Body language in the classroom

A thoughtful resource encouraging teachers to use their body language as a behaviour- management tool.

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Friendships and bullying

This assembly gets students thinking about what makes a good friend and what makes a bully.

Cyber bullying

Tackle the issue of cyber bullying with this PowerPoint presentation to be used as an assembly.

Bullying and conflict resolution

These lessons explore children’s understanding of bullying and conflict and how to react to it.

Homophobic bullying

Address the issue of homophobic bullying with this set of lessons.

Anti-Bullying Week assembly

Use this assembly during Anti-Bullying Week to target the key aspects of bullying.

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EAL toolkit

Over 50 strategies for helping EAL learners across any Key Stage and subject.

Classroom monitor list

Give students responsibilities for simple classroom tasks to help them feel included in the learning environment.

Visual timetable

Use these adaptable cards to create a visual timetable for SEN and EAL pupils.

Differentiation inspiration

A wide selection of ideas for creating accessible and challenging lessons for SEN pupils.

Pupil profile

Use this proforma to gather information on students and plan a programme of support.

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Rewards and motivation

Marking stickers

Save time when marking with these sticker templates to encourage student feedback.

Positive behaviour reports

This adaptable report can be used to document and report instances of good behaviour.

Reward charts

Three different styles of reward charts for encouraging better behaviour.

Reward wristbands

Editable wristbands to give to students to encourage and reward good behaviour.

Effort league table

Use this spread sheet league table to award students for good attendance, effort and behaviour.

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Emotional and behavioural difficulties

Anger management programme

PowerPoint presentations, activity booklets and worksheets to use with groups or individuals.

Managing anger

A simple sheet that can be worked through with a pupil to help identify what happens when they feel angry and what they can do to relieve their anger.

SEAL reflection

These reflection activities consist of an inspirational quote, followed by questions for discussion and a “word of the week” to encourage vocabulary development.

Behaviour conversations

Visual strategies for students to look at their behaviour and create their own solutions.

Identifying tantrums

A simple poster pinpointing the differences in the behaviour exhibited by children when having a tantrum.

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