BETT 2011 - MFL resources


BETT 2011 - MFL resources

Rachel Hawkes’ TES Collections - Modern foreign language resources for BETT workshops

MFL Collections - Games

  • Games are motivating and useful, particularly for 5 minute slots at the beginning or end (or middle) or a lesson, but they can also be time-consuming to make and difficult to think up the night before a lesson. It is also easy to get stuck in a rut with a couple of game formats that you already have up your sleeve. Here is a bank of game ideas - most are templates that can be easily customised to suit different languages, ability levels and key stages.

MFL Collections - Speaking skills

  • It is widely accepted that speaking is both the most under-developed skill in language learners, and also the skill most closely related to motivation. This collection brings together for French, German and Spanish at KS3, 4, and 5 a number of tried and tested strategies and resources that really work to promote both unplanned/spontaneous and planned talk in the classroom.

MFL Collections - Songs for language learning

  • Music and song can be an invaluable tool in language learning. Familiar tunes can be re-purposed to aid the memorisation of key structures and vocabulary; raps can be written and performed to develop creative writing skills, embed grammatical knowledge and improve pronunciation and speed of spoken target language production, and songs can be listened and responded to to develop comprehension skills and enhance cultural appreciation. This collection offers a wide selection of resources where songs are successfully exploited for all of these learning aims.

MFL Collections - GCSE revision

  • French, German and Spanish revision aids for GCSE.