Black History Month

Celebrate the success of black individuals and communities throughout history during Black History Month with this selection of free teaching resources.

EYFS and Primary

Black history activity ideas

Bingo, quizzes, games and more. Take your pick of these activities to celebrate Black History Month.

Face to face

Celebrate black authors and personalities with these simple photo matching cards.

African clothes and fabrics

A presentation introducing traditional African clothing, which can be used to help teach about black history and culture.

Famous faces

Decorate your classroom with these poster profiles of famous black people.

Black history

A series of SEN PowerPoints and activities focusing on slavery and black heroes from the past.

A time to reflect

What do we mean by black history? Why should we celebrate? Explore these questions and more with this assembly from TrueTube.

An approach to black history

An excellent selection of differentiated resources that will help you develop some engaging lessons for Black History Month.

Immigration & racism

A brilliant and thought-provoking collection of primary sources that can be used to show why it is important to embrace diversity.


African-American Inventions

Video resource from SciShow, introducing inventions and innovations by Black people in America.

Montgomery to Memphis

Debate and discuss the importance of Martin Luther King Jr’s role in the civil rights movement.

Black history of America worksheet

Use this timeline handout to help students chart black history in America.

Black history assembly

This PowerPoint presentation with visuals showcases some of the major events from British black history.

Black history month

A PowerPoint and selection of activities that focuses on historical journeys to Britain.

Mansa Musa

Mali’s emperor from 1312-1337 teaches students about his pilgrimage to Mecca in this faux-interview from Franklin Watts.

Whole School

Black heroes

Challenge students to research black icons from history with this computer-based WebQuest task.

Black celebrities

A simple crossword worksheet to test how many famous black personalities students know.