Bonfire Night resources

Remember, remember the fifth of November. These lesson plans, writing frames and source materials will help students to enjoy firework celebrations and to learn the history of Guy Fawkes, the man who tried to bring down Parliament.

The Gunpowder Plot: Conspiracy or terrorist plot?

This card-sort activity explores both sides of the argument, with a writing frame for students to organise and present their thoughts.

The Gunpowder plot

Presentation about whether or not the plotters were frames. Includes a range of resources and evidence cards and encourages students to work in a team.

The trial of Guy Fawkes

This case study helps students answer the question: “What does this source tell you about the attitude of the authorities to the crime of treason?”

CSI: Guy Fawkes

In this engaging activity, students have to assess the evidence and perform a mock-trial to decide if Guy Fawkes was guilty or not.

Gunpowder plot sequencing cards

Use these colourful chronology cards to put the story of Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot in order.

Gunpowder plot symbols

These Bonfire Night symbols are great for literacy development and use with SEN or EAL students.

Bonfire night assembly

Use this script as an engaging primary school assembly about fireworks and Bonfire Night.

Bonfire night activities

This series of activities is all about Bonfire Night – including sequencing the story of the Gunpowder Plot and a cloze exercise on safety rules.

Guy Fawkes homework

This is a great homework task to help extend pupils’ knowledge of Bonfire Night; also has a literary focus.

Gunpowder plot lesson plan

This detailed lesson on the Gunpowder Plot makes good use of maps and other visuals to explain the background of what happened.

Were the plotters framed?

This lesson uses a variety of differentiated resources to encourage pupils to challenge the conventional view of the plot.

Guy Fawkes wordsearch

This wordsearch activity is idea for a starter or plenary to consolidate knowledge.

Gunpowder plot resources

Have an engaging lesson with this superb investigation using primary sources in which pupils try to uncover the plot.

Gunpowder plot quiz

Use this fun multiple-choice quiz as a useful start to a lesson or as a recap.

Bonfire night medium term plan

This detailed medium term plan about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night is aimed at SEN pupils.

Guy Fawkes Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

A Guy Fawkes-themed Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? game to help consolidate knowledge on the event.

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