Bookaboo guide page

Lucy Goodman (creator of Bookaboo) tells you more about the Bookaboo competition:

Just follow these four simple steps to create your entry video for the Bookaboo competition:

  1. Choose a picture book from our recommended booklist , or any picture book of your choice.
  2. Record a video of you reading the book aloud on a video device e.g. a camera phone. Remember to relax, smile and have a great time! Your video should not include children in a classroom setting – just a recording of you on the sofa reading your chosen book will be fine. Your video can cover part of or the whole book (there’s no minimum or maximum limit) and it doesn’t need to be edited or feature any music or graphics.
  3. Send your video to in one of the following ways:
    • Email the video direct from your camera phone to
    • Download the video from your camera to your computer first and then send it from your computer: Connect your camera to your computer using the USB wire that came with the camera. Import your video on to your computer using the software that came with your camera, or move your video file from the folder that represents your camera on to your computer. Then:
    • Email your entry video to if it is small enough to email, otherwise:
    • Send us your video using a free file sharing website such as Dropbox, MailBigFile or Yousendit. Don’t forget to add your name in the message pane.
    • Email us a link to view your video on a video sharing website like YouTube.
    • Transfer your video onto a USB stick and mail it to: Bookaboo Competition, TES Resources, 26 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4HQ
  4. Complete the entry form and email it to

If you are unable to get your video to us, please email us a written entry of a maximum of 50 words on why Bookaboo should come to your school. You’ll still need to record a video later on if you are shortlisted.

If you are facing any difficulties in completing any of the steps above, then please feel free to email us at Please make sure you include what type of software and what type of equipment that you are using and we will try our best to help you.

We would like to wish you all the best on creating your video entries. We look forward to seeing them!

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