British Science Week teaching resources

British Science Week (13 – 22 March) is the UK’s biggest grassroots celebration of all things science and engineering. It shines a light on how science, technology, engineering and mathematics relate to our everyday lives and aims to inspire the next generation of scientists. Our collection offers a range of unique activities, lesson plans and videos for your pupils to enjoy.

Primary resources

BSW activity pack

An activity pack for British Science Week containing a wide range of activities for home or school.

Designing a rocket

Try this fun lesson in which students design and build their own rocket while discovering facts about space.

The seasons

A PowerPoint presentation and activities which help explain the Earth’s motion and the seasons to primary aged pupils.

How birds use their wings

This video outlines how birds use their wings when flying.

Make your own bagpipes

This cross-curricular lesson introduces the physics behind music and sound.

Secondary resources

Inspirational science quotes

A collection of inspirational and famous scientific quotes along with pictures.

Forces: Gravity

A lesson to dispel scientific misconceptions and explaining gravity’s importance as a force.

The astronomy masterclass

An interactive presentation to accompany an astronomy master class.

Modulated laser pen build

This resource assists in building a modulated laser pen and receiver.

Slow motion science

An interactive presentation that shows physical processes and reactions in slow motion.

A 3D printing revolution in education?

A document on how the advances in 3D printing can benefit education.

Electronic textiles

Explore and investigate electronic textiles, their functions and their uses in everyday life.

TES partner resources

Wind power challenge

Practical Action: students are tasked with building a wind-powered machine that can lift a weighted cup off the floor.

High-performance vehicles activity

Activity sheets from Wayland designed for use with Ultimate Machines, a series on popular high-performance vehicles.

From day to night

An explanation video from BBC Class Clips of how we go from night to day on Earth.

Giant science quiz

Planet Science: a jumbo-sized interactive quiz based on astronomy and space.

The engineer’s brain

Explore how biology and engineering work together with this activity from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Punk Science: How to punk your science

Video from the Science Museum on how to make science experiments interesting and engaging.

Soap challenge: Stem activity

A group activity from the Science Museum encompassing a wide variety of skills and disciplines.

Careers in Stem

Show your students how fun and exciting working in Stem can be and challenge the misconceptions that still persist around the subjects with this great range of resources.