Caring for Animals

If you believe that all animals deserve to have a life free of hunger, thirst, cruelty and pain, then join us in raising awareness of RSPCA Week (June 1-7) - a week focused on fundraising for and appreciating the organisation’s good work. By using some of the lesson plans and activities on offer in this collection, you can help spread awareness of this worthy cause.


Animals and us: who looks after animals?

Scheme of work which teaches pupils about the responsibilities humans have towards animals and charity work.

Animals and us: we all have basic needs

A scheme of work which forces pupils to take into account the basic needs of animals as well as humans.

Protect your cat pack: primary

Cats will never have to feel pain or hunger again as pupils learn to take proper care of their cat with this activity pack.

A day in the life of an RSPCA inspector

A great advert for the work done by the RSPCA as Inspector Tyson takes us on an interactive story in this literacy lesson.

Looking after pets

Pupils’ pet keeping skills will be put to the test as they are tasked with matching the correct food, accommodation and toy to an animal.

Dooby the dog

A new hound in the house can be fun, but what does Dooby need to feel loved and survive? Test pupils with this mind mapping activity.

Animal care

Information and questionnaires on keeping small animals as pets. Includes advice on nutrition and housing.


A range of resources looking at swans, their life cycles, habitats and the dangers they face.


Humans and animals

A hard hitting but balanced look at animal cruelty and the relationship between humans and animals in various aspects of life.

RSPCA non-fiction analysis

Students can analyse the structure and techniques used in real RSPCA leaflets.

The law in boxes

Do your students understand the law on animal welfare? Test them with this adaptable bingo quiz.

Out on the farm

What is good welfare of farmyard animals? Investigate with this Q&A lesson.

Protect your cat pack: secondary

Cat rights, media fame and cats in history are just a few of the topics covered in this cross-curricular activity pack for older students.

Factory farming

Explore, discuss and debate the issues surrounding factory farming.

Animal testing

Take a closer look at animal testing and the ethical issues it raises.

Horse welfare scenarios

Group activity ideal for encouraging discussion about horse welfare and the circumstances of their mistreatment.

Dog welfare scenarios

Look at these different scenarios pet charities face on a daily basis and discuss the problems and solutions.