Changes to the TES website: FAQ


Changes to TES Resources

What is changing?

We are making a raft of improvements to make it easier to use the site. This includes upgrading our registration process, as well as our search, upload and preview functions.

We'll also be changing our terms and conditions and introducing a Creative Commons licensing model for resources. This model will include the ability to charge for resources, allowing teachers to be compensated for their shared resources if they wish.

How does this affect the site now?

The changes are yet to take place, so there are no immediate effects to how you use the site now.

When do you expect to make the changes to the website?

We intend to introduce previews of changes to the website via our TES Resources beta group, which will allow website users to offer their feedback. This will begin in August.

If you would like to join the TES Resources beta group, please email

Will I have to pay to be a member of TES?

No. Our promise has been that people will always be able to join TES and share their resources for free, forever, and this promise is one that we intend to keep. The community, the news hub and the jobs sections of the site will also remain completely free to use.

Listening to teachers

How can I offer my feedback?

We are currently looking for teachers to join our beta group to test the changes. If you'd like to be a part of this, email to find out more. If you have any questions about the changes, but do not wish to join the beta group, email

What is the TES resources beta group?

We are asking teachers to test our new platform and guide us on what works – and what doesn't.

Charging for resources

Why allow TES Resources members to charge for resources?

We have received feedback from teachers saying that they would like to have the option to charge for their content. This gives all content creators that option, should they wish to do so.

Who can sell resources?

Any teacher with a high-quality, original resource is welcome to submit it for sale. All submissions will be moderated.

What if I don't want to sell my resources?

You are still able to share resources for free; nobody will be required to sell their resources if they want to continue sharing them for free.

Didn't TES say the resources would be free for ever?

Our pledge to our users has always been – and will always be – that the TES is free to join and that users will always be able to upload for free, forever. We intend to continue to honour that pledge – you will never be charged for being a member of the TES website, nor will we require any sort of fee in order for you to upload your resources.

Will resources be available for sale all over the world?

Yes, the website is accessible from anywhere in the world.

What proportion of resources will remain free?

That very much depends on how many teachers opt to charge for their resources. However, we envisage that for the foreseeable future, free resources will make up the bulk of TES Resources' content.

How much can I charge for resources?

At present, we are yet to finalise how charging will work on the website. The reason for this is that we hope to get feedback from teachers about what works and what is reasonable. If you'd like to be a part of this process, email to find out more.

Don't schools have rights over resources created by their teachers?

You may need to check your employment contract for clarification over this. Some teachers may have clauses in their contract whereby the school retains the right to resources created in school time. If you are unclear about what this means for your resources on the website, the best thing to do is to bring it to the attention of your line manager.

Ownership and intellectual property

Who owns my uploaded teaching materials?

You or your school, depending on your contract. You retain all intellectual property rights and the introduction of Creative Commons licences will serve to strengthen that.

What are Creative Commons licences?

Creative Commons licences are public copyright licences that allow authors to share their copyrighted work while retaining ownership and the right to determine how that work is used elsewhere. For more information, see the Creative Commons website.

How do I use the Creative Commons licences when uploading?

You will be able to decide on which Creative Commons licence you want to use during the uploading process. For more details on the licences and how they can be used, have at look at these examples.

What if I already have content uploaded on TES Resources?

Content already uploaded to the website will fall under the terms and conditions that uploaders agreed to when they originally added their resources. However, if users wish to apply Creative Commons licences to their resources, it will be easy to do so. Once applied, the Creative Commons licence will cover the relevant content from the date of application onwards.

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