Charity encompasses many different needs, ideas and activities, from looking after children to climate change campaigns. All encourage an awareness of the world and those around us and ask us to volunteer our time. This selection of wonderful, free teaching resources from some of our charitable partners will help you to bring the idea of charity and what charities do into the classroom – with plenty of ideas for charity assemblies and fundraising days as well!


Barnardo’s history

  • Help your class find out about the history and work of Barnardo’s, the UK’s biggest children’s charity, with this highly recommended resource.

Barnardos care and share challenge

  • Encourage children in your school to develop positive friendships and anti-bullying stances with this care and share activity-based challenge.

British Red Cross

Migration and development

  • An educational resource from the British Red Cross that can be used to teach young people about migration and development.

Child soldiers

  • This lesson plan looks at the issue of child soldiers and how some armies and militias coerce them into fighting.

Please wash your hands

  • An excellent assembly to raise awareness of the need for hygiene in different settings and to help them appreciate that in some places in the world hand washing is a life and death matter.


Oxfam’s Sow the Seed education project

  • This Sow the Seed resource from Oxfam encourages active global citizenship, helping pupils to understand more about the issue and inspiring them to take action.

Water for all

  • An interactive resource featuring stunning colour photos to help you teach about water and its significance. Includes a range of classroom activities exploring the importance of water, water shortages, and ideas for positive action.

Climate change: the human impact

  • Help your pupils to understand the concepts of risk and vulnerability together with the importance of tackling climate change in a way that is fair to the world’s poorest people.

Citizenship Foundation


  • A three part module from the Citizenship Foundation with a range of activities explaining democracy and the different ways in which children can participate.

Ending slavery: an unfinished business

  • A great resource booklet to inspire and equip young people to take a stand against the continuation of slavery and injustice in the world today.

To give is to receive

  • This lovely lesson is based on a story adapted from a Japanese legend. The learning activities are based around the value of money, fortune and gifts that don’t cost money.

Sea Watch Foundation

Marine Environmental Conservation

  • A series of lesson plans and ideas from the Sea Watch Foundation to help pupils learn about marine food chains and how to on stop marine rubbish and pollution.


Friendship and peer pressure

  • An excellent lesson plan from Beatbullying that looks at the many issues involved in friendship, what it means to young people and at the triggers for peer pressure.

Protection from cyberbullying

  • A guide to how to make children aware of the realities of cyberbullying, how they can protect themselves and what it means for those who have been affected.

Christian Aid

Chocolate trade game

  • Trace the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar. This game also highlights the positive part that trade can play in developing communities.

Natural disasters

  • A lovely classroom activity focusing on flooding and how natural disasters affect development, growth and resources.

Fairtrade Foundation

Cotton: from seed to garment

  • Resources for learning about cotton, trade and Fairtrade, from the Fairtrade Foundation. Includes a presentation with notes.

Mafele Maternal Health Clinic

  • A selection of photographs from a visit to a maternal health clinic in Mafele, Mali, to help you teach about the issue of maternal health.

Assemblies, Fundraising and Recycling

Charity assembly

  • A touching assembly to help pupils to consider how other’s live and survive - and to introduce them to raising money for those in other countries who are less fortunate.

Charity fundraising

  • A great lesson focusing on fundraising and asking pupils to evaluate the effectiveness of the ideas. A good introduction to charities.

Recycled plastic bags charity bands

  • A brilliant set of instructions and pictures which will help your class to create charity wrist bands using recycled plastic bands.