Christian Aid Week teaching resources

Christian Aid Week (10-16 May) puts the spotlight on the people around the world whose lives have been affected by war and conflict, with the aim of giving them a future without fear. Explore this issue in your school with this selection of free lesson ideas, assembly packs and activities.

Home sweet home

A primary assembly for Christian Aid Week, dealing with issues around conflict, including rebuilding, the meaning of home and the importance of peace.

No place like home

Explore the issues around war and conflict with this assembly plan from Christian Aid.

Citizenship and rights

Help pupils compare their lives with those of children in five different countries with this lesson plan.

From soldier to salvation

Follow Tamba and Sasko as they leave their lives as child soldiers on a journey to find their own identities in the world.


This lesson plan allows pupils to consider the challenges and prejudices facing refugees using real-life stories and cross-curricular activities.

Conflict and peace assembly

This assembly tells the story of how the Angolan civil war tore two brothers’ lives apart and looks at how Christian Aid is helping with peace building in the region.

Peace and conflict resolution

These classroom activities look at conflict resolution around the world and help pupils think about how they can make their own lives more peaceful.

Resolving conflict assembly

In this assembly plan, students look at the impact of war on individuals and how peace can change lives.

Conflict key words

Use this PowerPoint presentation of key words to start a discussion on war and conflict with your class.

Building peace

This assembly tells Eudardo’s story and looks at what IECA, Christian Aid’s partner organisation in Angola, is doing to help build peace.