Christmas maths

This maths collection is packed with innovative Christmas calculations. Try these teaching resources to add a taste of the season to your classroom sums.


Festive fractions

Use Christmas pictures to help pupils work out fractions.

Christmas pud problem

It’s time to stir in the currants and add a dash of Brandy…but things could get disastrous if pupils don’t think through timings and servings correctly.

Christmas shopping

The shop’s till has broken in the busy run-up to Christmas! Try these shopping-themed tasks to test pupils’ mental maths.

Who killed Santa?

There’ll be no presents this year: Santa Claus is dead! This murder mystery task asks pupils to work out who the humbug culprit is.

Counting baubles

Pupils can practise adding and subtracting baubles with this festive worksheet.

Seasonal schedule

Santa’s timetable is tight, but he must stick to it if he’s going to reach every good boy and girl in time.

Christmas mathdoku

These Sudoku puzzles are dressed up as Christmas presents for some seasonal fun.

On the first day of Christmas…

Pupils can practise counting from one to twelve with this fun activity which asks them to rewrite the classic Christmas song.

Christmas selection box

This great selection of festive activities will help you count down the days to Christmas.

Festive graphs

Pupils can tally Santas, Christmas trees and presents in this bar chart activity.


Christmas questions

A Christmas quiz packed with seasonal sums.

Hit Christmas songs

Which decade was best for Christmas music? Students try to decide in this mathematic investigation.

Stocking full of sums

A pack of Christmas puzzles for secondary students to solve.

Seasonal run

A relay race where students work in teams to solve puzzles.

Star at the top of the tree

Light up the Christmas tree in this activity where students can practise operations with negative numbers.

A merry use of Autograph

Students can create a 3D Christmas scene using the Autograph player. TES maths adviser Craig Barton shows you how in this tutorial video.

Reindeer ratios

Let pupils practise ratios while making sure that Santa’s reindeers get fed.

Coca-Cola Christmas

This perimeter and area activity is inspired by the Coca-Cola Christmas adverts.

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