Christmas MFL

Joyeux Noël, fröhliche Weihnachten and ¡feliz Navidad! It’s not just how people wish each other a merry Christmas that varies from country to country, but the way that it’s celebrated too. Try this collection of hand-picked Christmas teaching resources and lesson plans to help pupils understand festive traditions and learn seasonal vocab so they can join in with celebrations wherever they may be.





A merry French Christmas

This comprehensive PowerPoint explains how Christmas is celebrated in France.

Festive quiz

Build pupils’ research and dictionary skills with this seasonal language quiz.

Vocab for Noël

This picture labeling exercise will help students learn Christmas words in French.

Present for Christmas

See what pupils can find out about Christmas in France with this research and presentation task.

Bingo bells

This picture bingo game tests how many Christmas words pupils know.

Find the French

A selection of word searches with Christmas and nativity vocab.

French Christmas cards

Step-by-step instructions for pupils to create their own Christmas cards with French greetings.

Help Santa find his way

This game helps pupils to practise directional language in French.

French nativity

Explain the story of baby Jesus with this simple version in French.

Cher Papa Nöel

This simple vocab list will help pupils to write a letter to Santa.

French Christmas stickers

Seasonal stickers that reward good work while reminding pupils of festive French vocab.

French celebration

Bring a little French festivity to school by trying these ideas for an assembly or concert.

Père Nöel

This simple story about Father Christmas getting ready for his Christmas Eve adventures is great for revising clothes.

Père Nöel song

This Christmas song is set to the tune of Frère Jacques

Christmas quick quizzes

These starters activities are perfect for the festive period.


A Christmas quiz

Introduce pupils to Christmas traditions in England and Germany with this multiple choice quiz.


There are 50 Christmas terms for pupils to find in this word search.

Christmas language pack

Fill-in-the-gaps and matching games are just two of the activities in this bundle of fun festive tasks.

Weihnachten vocab

These picture cards will help pupils remember Christmas words.

An Advent rhyme

This simple seasonal rhyme will remind pupils of grammar points and asks them to create their own Christmas poem.

Der schneemann

Help pupils to remember colours in German with this poem and accompanying dance.

German Christmas treats

Students can practise reading the imperative by studying these simple German recipes.

Rudolph das kleine rentier

This German translation of ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ combines animation and sound for singing along in class.

Ten reindeer

This festive counting song will remind pupils of the numbers one to ten in German.


Interactive Advent calendar

Click on the numbers to reveal how each one is pronounced.

Mexican night before Christmas

A poem that combines Mexican Spanish and English to help pupils get to grips with both languages.

Christmas flashcards

These simple picture flashcards will help pupils remember Spanish Christmas words.

Spanish Christmas cards

Use these step-by-step instructions to design Christmas cards with Spanish greetings.

Board game for the season

Practise numbers and Christmas vocab with this simple, festive board game.

Celebrating Christmas

Posters, a quiz and vocab to bring some Spanish Christmas cheer to your classroom.

Mystery Pictionary

Pupils must guess what each of these Christmas images are before they are fully revealed.

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