Christmas quizzes and classroom games

Festive quizzes, pictures and Advent calendars are just some of the fun and games in store in this collection of hand-picked Christmas teaching resources.

Did Rudolph lead Santa’s sleigh?

Find out how much pupils know about Christmas with this simple true or false quiz.

Picture Christmas

These images from Encyclopaedia Britannica will help you to discuss the Christmas period in class.

Christmas compendium

This collection of festive activities includes anagrams, word searches and fill-in-the-blanks that are differentiated to suit every pupil’s needs.

Crossword for Christmas

This crossword from Encyclopaedia Britannica encourages pupils to research facts about Christmas celebrations.

Advent calendar

Help pupils to understand the traditions of Christmas with this interactive advent calendar. Click on the numbers to reveal surprises.

Sights of the season

This treasure hunt encourages pupils to search for robins, icicles and other signs that Christmas is coming.

Christmas countdown clock

Can pupils pack up before the Christmas tree on this countdown clock is decorated?

Build a snowman

This is a festive take on a classic table game. Pupils roll a die to collect parts of their snowman.

Christmas bingo

See who gets a full house for Christmas with this festive lotto game.

Ho, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha

An interactive advent calendar packed with Christmas jokes.


This seasonal version of a popular game will put pupils’ thinking skills to the test.

Choices for Christmas

A multiple choice quiz to test pupils’ knowledge of nativity and festive traditions.

Who or what am I?

Students must figure out who or what the Christmas tradition is from clues - is it a holly wreath or Rudolph?

Time for giving

The charity Send a Cow encourages pupils to think about others with these Christmas activities focused on people in poverty.

Christmas clues

Get students following a trail of Christmas questions with this seasonal treasure hunt.

Creative Christmas

Colouring-in, acrostic poems and code-cracking are just some of the activities in this Christmas challenge book.

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