Christmas religious education

Help your students to understand one of the most important events in the Christian calendar with our pick of the best resources uploaded by TES Connect users.

The Christmas story

One night in Bethlehem

Explore the story of Jesus’ birth with this PowerPoint presentation and activities for younger learners.

Newsflash: Baby Jesus is born

See how much students can remember with this newswriting activity based on the Christmas story.

What the Gospels say

Study the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and examine what they reveal about the birth of Jesus.

An angel came to Mary

Sing a song at Christmas time and remember how the story started.

Christmas journeys

These five lessons from QCDA_Resources explore the journeys of the Christmas story:

Christmas traditions around the world


This lesson gives pupils a great overview of a traditional Christmas decoration.

Christmas traditions

Explore Christmas traditions across the globe with this PowerPoint offering a snapshot of many different countries.

Tinsel on the Christmas tree

Try this creative unit of work about a traditional British Christmas.

Christmas time in Bethlehem

Find out what Bethlehem is like for children living in the region today with this ChristianAid resource.

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