Citizenship and PSHE - Olympics

Sporting values

  • Explore the Olympic values and get students to design pamphlets to promote them.

Olympic dream

Sustaining momentum

  • Will the games be sustainable? Discuss and explore with this complete lesson.

Projecting Stratford

  • Guidelines for a project exploring how young people feel about the changes occurring to Stratford from Stratford City.


  • Explore the representation and achievements of women in sports with this worksheet.


  • Discuss signs and symbols and encourage students to design their own London 2012 logo.

Sport films

  • Here are five great Olympics-related films to get your club in the mood for the Games.

International films for the OLYMPICS

  • With the Olympics ever closer, FilmClub have brought together films about people connecting through physical pursuits and negotiating what community means

Plastic bag footballs

  • You can use these free materials to run your own ‘Olympics African Footy’ tournament with African plastic bag footballs.

African Children - Olympic games ideas

  • Many of the games that children play in East Africa are about things in their everyday lives: food, family and homemaking. These fun games are from a group of children near Iganga, Uganda.

Olympics and us

  • Truetube’s video series explores the issues that matter to young people:
  • Who will win the Race: Students can role-play as tax payers, the media, youth, the government and corporate business to explore who will benefit most from the London games.
  • Our demands: Young people from Newham explain what they want to gain from the games.
  • My 2012: This video poem expresses a variety of concerns that people have about the Olympics.
  • What do you know about the Olympics: Vox-pops reveal just how little those living in the shadow of the Olympic stadium really know about the Games.
  • The Olympics are coming: Two students compete for a gold medal by debating whether the Olympics will have a positive or negative effect on the local community in Stratford.
  • Will the Olympics unite or divide?: Young people have their say on whether the Olympics will bring the community together or make it weaker.

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