Climate change resources

Earth Day (April 22) is an international awareness day focusing on climate change, sustainability and the environment. Encourage your students to pledge an act of green today with these hand-picked teaching resources that will help them understand our planet and how to sustain it for the future.

Primary resources

Crazy climate

A fun ChristianAid assembly to emphasis the seriousness of climate change.

School inspectors

How sustainable is your school? Analyse and assess with this exercise from Learning through Landscapes.

A story for our lifetime

Looking for an informative non-fiction source for story time? Why not take pupils on a journey through climate change, natural disasters and responsibility with this gripping presentation.

Tree of songs

Make a song and dance about saving the environment and get pupils excited about making a change.

Caring for creation

Consider philosophical and religious perspectives on peace and harmony- important factors in helping both our neighbours and in turn our environment.

Tree planting assembly

Get pupils outdoors and planting trees with this assembly pack.

Green buildings – virtual tour

Using Google Earth, navigate across the globe and explore the characteristics of ‘green’ buildings.

Earth Day guides

A range of guides and activities on a variety of themes including climate change, endangered species and conservation to aid Earth Day teaching.

Secondary resources

Knock-on effects

Every one of us can make a difference today, are your pupils asking ‘what can I do…?’ This video from Green TV will help.

SEE and think

Consider the link between social economic and environmental issues in your local area with this Venn sorting activity.

Sustainable storage

Raise awareness this Earth Day by making a reminder students can wear every day - a sustainable bag.

Environmental friend or foe?

How much do your students do to save the planet? Find out with this fun ‘yes or no’ starter activity.

Sustainability debate

Debate the issue of sustainability and what it means for the world with this detailed topic guide.

Non-renewable energy sources – pros and cons

Assess different ways of producing energy and decide which is best using a scoring system.

Green roofs

Find out how new innovations are helping communities to tackle CO₂ in urban environments.

A world without fish

Encourage pupils to think about fish and food sustainability with this interactive resource.

Dams and hydropower – development or destruction?

Explore and discuss the contentious issue of hydro-electric power and decide whether dams are ultimately good or bad for the environment.