Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

The TES Community Team is keen to maintain healthy, vibrant and intelligent debate, however in order to keep our platforms enjoyable and inviting we require users to adhere to the following guidelines. These apply to forum posts as well as comments on articles and blogposts.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here

1. Personal attacks: Users will not personally attack fellow members of the community, including authors and staff. Offensive, lewd or threatening language will not be tolerated; neither will attacking users based on their race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age.

2. Anonymity: Users will not identify (nor describe in a way which could feasibly lead to identification) schools, students or fellow members of the community.

3. Inappropriate language: We do not tolerate obscene or inflammatory language on the forums. An automatic filter will censor them out and users should not attempt to bypass the filter (eg by using alternative characters). If you’d like to make a comment about the language filter please do so by emailing the Community Team.

4. Misrepresentation: During a debate, it can be frustrating for users to appear to be misrepresented. When using the ‘quote’ function, please refrain from changing anything within the quoted text. When bolding or italicising cannot be avoided, please note in square brackets beneath that it was your addition.

5. Private messages (PM): Users are welcome to interact privately using the PM feature and request responses in this manner where appropriate. The above guidelines apply to PMs as well as public interactions. Users are welcome to contact the Community Team via PM. However, users should refrain from making the contents of a PM public in any way. PMs can be reported for abuse by sending a screengrab to the Community Team.

Moderation Policy

Further information about the moderation policy can be found here.

1. Premoderation: All new users will be premoderated until five consecutive posts have been approved. Posts will be subject to premoderation when posted by a moderated user in a moderated forum. The Community Team reserves the right to re-moderate a user at any given time if the Guidelines are repeatedly breached.

2. Abuse reports: All abuse reports will be investigated and the Community Team will endeavour to reply to the user. Please ensure your explanation accurately describes your reason for reporting a post. The Community Team reserves the right to delete any post or thread which breaches community standards, however posts or threads will not be deleted based exclusively on a request, even if the request is made by the original poster.

3. Warnings: Members will be informed via email or PM if a comment or post has been justifiably reported for abuse. These comments may or may not be deleted, and users will receive an explanation of why their conduct is not acceptable. Users should henceforth refrain from posting similar comments.

4. Banned users: The TES Community is intended to be inclusive, however in extreme circumstances some users will be banned from using their accounts. It is our intention to avoid banning any users unless they continuously and intentionally breach our Terms and Conditions of use.

5. Your help: We cannot actively moderate every thread. Therefore we rely on your help to keep our Community a pleasant and stimulating environment. Please do report any content which appears to be spam, advertising or clickbait, as well as any offensive comments.

To contact the Community Team

  • To contact the Community Manager you can send a PM to user TES_Sirena
  • To contact the Community & Social Media Assistant you can send a PM to user TES_Caz
  • To contact the team via email, please send your thoughts to