Community - Start a new forum topic

Start a new forum topic


To start a new forum topic you will need to find the relevant parent forum. Scroll down the forum list on the TES Community homepage to find the forum that is relevant to the topic you wish to discuss, and then select the forum  you need by clicking the sub-forum title. Alternatively, you can click on the blue “Jump to…” button to open the quick navigation menu pop-up box:

Jump to

Quick navigation


In the quick navigation menu box you will see two sections: General Links (including links to pages showing notable forum members, new posts under the recent activity stream and the help section) and Forum List. 

Under the Forum List you will see the seven main forums with the sub-forums listed underneath each section. You need to click the scrolling bar, on the right hand-side, and move it down the list until you see the forum you want. Move the cursor to the name of the forum. Each forum name is a clickable link so when you move the cursor over each title it will appear underlined. Click on the forum that you need:

Forum list


The landing page of the sub-forum will appear. You will see a blue button with “Post New Thread” opposite the name of the sub-forum. Click on the “Post New Thread” button to start a new topic. 

Post new thread


A new page will appear where you can fill out the details to create a new thread on your topic. Give your message a title in the box headed “Thread title…”. The following box, with the formatting tool bar at the top, is where you can type in the body of your message. Here you can choose various formatting options such as highlighting text in bold or italic, and you also add bullet points, images, links and videos to your messages.

Create new thread

The icons in the formatting tool bar are as follows (from left to right):

1. Bold
2. Italic
3. Underline
4. Text colour
5. Font size
6. Font family
7. Link
8. Unlink
9. Alignment
10. Unordered list (bullet points)
11. Ordered List (numbered list)
12. Outdent
13. Indent
14. Smilies
15. Image
16. Media
17. Insert (quote, strike-though, code etc)
18. Draft (save or delete draft)
19. Undo
20. Redo


In the box marked “Tags”, you can add keywords to help other forum members find your messages. Separate your keywords with commas.


You can preview your post before it goes live to check that you are happy with it. To make your post live, click on the blue “Create Thread” button. The new thread will appear near the top of the forum landing page.