Construction and the built environment teaching resources

Teaching resources on carpentry and joinery, electrical and plumbing maintenance and building skills suitable for BTEC, NVQ and other vocational construction and built environment courses. From how-to guides to assignments, health and safety to careers advice, there’s plenty to help prepare students for the world of work.

Assignments and units

Construction assignments

  • Worksheets and assignments for BTEC level two on construction projects, social and economic issues and roles within industry.

Site management assignments

  • Worksheets and assignments for BTEC level two on management control and responsibilities, risk assessment and health and safety.

Joinery workbook

  • This workbeck assesses students’ knowledge of tools, hazards and procedures.

Exploring carpentry and joinery assignments

  • Worksheets and assignment brief for BTEC level two.

Built environment

  • The graphics, activities and images in this NGfLCymru interactive will help students understand the built environment.


Cavity walling

  • A practical PowerPoint guide to cavity walling.


  • Introduce students to the processes, tools and access equipment needed to lay flooring professionally with these NGfLCymru resources.

Concrete design

  • This is a thorough guide to concrete mix designs.


  • A presentation explaining the plastering process.

Construction skills

Cutting edge of carpentry

  • From cutting tools to risk assessments, these tasks will assess students’ carpentry skills for BTEC level two.

Constructing theatrics

  • And now for something slightly different… a video about scenic construction from the National Theatre.

Spot check spot welding

  • Test students’ understanding of spot welding with this fill-in-the-gaps worksheet.

Painting and decorating

  • A clear step-by-step beginners’ guide to decorating interiors.

Electrical and plumbing maintenance

Safe electrics

  • Components and test instruments are all introduced in this pack of resources for trainee electricians.

Soldering starter

  • A quick wordsearch to revise soldering terminology.

Fuse tester practical

  • Introduce circuits while giving students a useful tool for trade with this short fuse tester design project.

Site electrics

  • A PowerPoint introduction to industrial lighting and cabling.

Electrical safety check

  • Basic, but vital, information about keeping electrics safe.


  • A visual presentation of the tools and materials of the trade.

Health and safety

Keeping safe in construction

  • Explore health, safety and welfare in the construction industry with this PowerPoint and worksheet.

Disaster management

  • Explain what disasters are and how to prevent them from the outset with this PowerPoint.

Risk assessment

  • Introduce how to assess sites for potential dangers with this informative risk assessment template.

Demolition dangers

  • A BBC Class Clips video exploring the difficulties demolition workers face and how to overcome them.

Miserable maintenance

  • This BBC Class Clips video explains the damage poor maintenance can cause to a building and focuses on water damage.


Stay sustainable

  • Assess students’ ability to monitor environment and sustainability on the construction site with this assignment brief.

Importance of sustainability

  • An informative handout explaining why sustainability is so important to construction design.

Tomorrow’s energy, today’s planning

  • A comprehensive energy sources activity pack from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Key skills

Maths down the drain

  • Brush up on mathematics key skills with this exercise in a plumbing context.

Invoice sums

  • Encourage students who struggle with addition to take an interest in maths with this invoice activity.

Ed the cowboy electrician

  • Test students’ knowledge of the importance of earthing with this letter-writing activity.



  • An overview of the construction, architecture and maintenance sector.

Electrician profile

  • Get the lowdown on a career as an electrician with this job profile.

Plumbing future

  • A detailed look at the plumbing industry from progression to salaries.


  • Introduce students to the roles and responsiblities of site surveyors with this job profile.

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