Deaf Awareness

A diverse selection of resources looking at raising awareness of deaf pupils’ needs and how these needs can be met in the classroom.

Rosie’s world

  • An interesting film which actively explores the process of full inclusion for the hearing impaired. Teachers TV

Deaf friendly materials

  • Great set of printable resources about working to include deaf children effectively in mainstream classes. kCOATES

Deaf awareness lesson plans

Do you work with a deaf child?

  • Simple advice for those supporting pupils with hearing impairment. BATOD

Other ways of speaking

  • Clearly presented booklet that looks at different ways of communicating, including sign language. Communication Trust

Promoting deaf pupils’ achievement in mathematics

  • An in depth and interesting article for those educating deaf pupils who want to review research. sp_education

The voice of deaf students

  • Follow the progress of more than 20 deaf and hearing impaired children as they create an opera from scratch. Teachers TV

Off site activities

  • Useful and thorough risk assessment document. Designed to make planning trips with pupils who have hearing impairment a much simpler process. cooper2re

Deaf awareness

  • Slide show with useful information on what can cause deafness and the history of BSL. Use with pupils or adapt as a starting point for staff training. fionawatt09

Supporting language development

  • Video which highlights the role three teaching assistants play at a school for the deaf. Teachers TV

Using talk for writing with deaf children

  • Case study showing how adapting techniques from the Talk for Writing literacy strategy can help HI pupils progress in literacy. kCOATES

Teaching deaf children

  • Simple, bullet pointed presentation that gives clear advice on supporting deaf children within the classroom. Mary Hare School