Dear John: Best route into overseas job market?


I’m looking for advice on the best route into the overseas international schools market. I’m a qualified EFL teacher with 8+ years EFL teaching experience with the British Council in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Italy. I made a career switch a while back and for the last 10 years I’ve been employed in IT project management (I have a B.Sc. Hon. in Computing & IT). I’d like to get back into teaching and would be grateful for any advice on PGCEs that would maximise my choice in the market. My first thought was to do a secondary PGCE in ICT or primary PGCE. I also have an honours degree in urban planning but I’m guessing this won’t be of much relevance.


There might be some HE jobs in say The Gulf where urban planning could be useful alongside the EFL experience. However, if you want to move out of EFL into mainstream teaching of computing then a teaching qualification would probably be helpful.

If the idea of QTS isn’t important you can do a PGCE while working in an international school. Various UK universities offer such courses. However, if you might want to work in the UK, a teacher training qualification would be sensible.

Go to the Graduate Teacher Training Registry for more details and check out the course search feature.